Finding the right avenue for funeral home advertisement can be a tough decision sometimes. Using targeted advertising on Facebook is an extremely powerful way to open up unlimited opportunities so that forward thinking funeral homes can grow their brand, reach out to more members of their community and sometimes even generate leads.


Getting Familiar with Facebooks Advertising

Mistakenly many funeral home directors assume that simply showing up on Facebook will bring them tons of exposure. They end up creating a Facebook Page for their funeral home, making a few obituary posts, and then are frustrated when their Facebook presence never seems to take off. This gives them the notion that Facebook is not a viable tool that can assist funeral homes to grow their audience and have an influence on their community. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, Facebook is actually one of the most effective marketing tools for funeral homes. When properly utilized, Facebook advertising can drastically increase your funeral home’s reach and presence. It’s all a matter of learning how to use it to your business’s advantage.

Since Facebook has grown to over one billion users, the social media platform has evolved to handle its growing usage. In the beginning, there were few people and brands who could be found on Facebook, and they rarely ever posted anything. This has changed drastically over the years, these days most users have hundreds, if not thousands, of friends. They are also followers of countless brands. Every single time you login, Facebook will expose you to an endless number of stories from around the globe. Businesses that are constantly in competition for a spot in user’s news feeds has caused a reduction in organic reach for business pages. This doubled with Facebook’s pressure to grow earnings, a new pay model has been developed for businesses to reach their targeted audience. This affects all industries, including the funeral home business.

Granted, getting your message out on Facebook isn’t as simple as it once was, but on a positive note, for those funeral directors who are willing to put a little extra work and imagination into building their social media presence, the payoff will be great. Not just that, but since only a select few people in the funeral industry truly understand how to put their marketing skills to use on Facebook, there’s an advantage that opens up a huge advertising opportunity for those who do – the innovative funeral marketing professional!

Retargeting on Facebook

People who are already acquainted with your funeral home business are more probable to be receptive to your advertising, especially when you are pushing your lead magnets. Did you realize you were able to target your ads on Facebook only towards those located in your community who are familiar with your funeral home, or have been considering your business? Well, with retargeting you can do just that! Retargeting allows you to use tracking pixels on your website, and then build an audience of individuals to market your funeral home ads to on Facebook, based on recent visits to your website. You may have noticed ads will pop up on your feed that coincide with recent web searches you have made, that’s retargeting.

In the case of funeral home Facebook ads, you can utilize retargeting to grow the amount of lead magnet signups you receive. One way you could advertise is by downloading a sample of a living will on Facebook to potential leads who have toured your funeral home’s website recently. You can also advertise through many other relevant lead magnets.


Facebook Ads are a Viable Marketing Solution for Funeral Homes

Facebook is an enormous, ever-growing international market, and one of the most influential platforms for advertising your funeral business currently available. Facebook has the act of placing the right ads in front of the right people at the right time down to a science. Their aim is to allow their users to view the things that interest them most. They have accomplished this by working really hard to ensure consumers are only viewing ads relevant to them. When you purchase an ad, Facebook lets you set a goal for your campaign, then places your ad in the sight of the correct market of its users.