As you may already know, Facebook Ads is the platform, system or tool you can use to create all kinds of advertising campaigns inside the biggest social network and Instagram. Ads on either of these platforms can be greatly beneficial to any brand, business, freelancer, etc. who wants to obtain more visibility, for themselves and/or their products or services, from the millions of users (AKA potential customers) existent in them.


This social network advertising tool, among many other features, allows us to create different types of publications and segment them according to particular characteristics of our target audience, through different parameters such as: city or country of residence, language, sex, civil status, customs, and users’ interests or hobbies.


Take into account that we can rely on a great number of tools for this social platform, however, for advertising it already provides three main tools:

Power Editor

This is a publicity platform aimed towards accounts for big advertisers, as can also be the case for agencies that need to create a great number of advertisements at the same time and have a much more advanced control over the ads and their results.

Business Manager

This is a platform conceived specially so brands are able to offer access and management of their Facebook Pages to those professionals or agencies that handle multiple accounts and to which we could assign solely an advertising role, without major involvement, like for example, being page administrators.


The main difference of this tool is that there’s no direct link between profiles and pages, which means that with Business Manager you can keep your business and your personal Facebook profile separated. It’s also useful for those professionals that manage multiple brands, helping them to avoid possible errors or mixing various brands under one advertising account.

Ads Manager

This is useful to manage and create campaigns and advertisements in an easy and intuitive way. Thanks to the Ads Manager you’ll be able to manage, assess and control your campaigns.


Facebook Ads’ campaign structure makes it easier to organize, optimize and measure how advertising actions. The structure is as follows:


Each campaign must have a unique objective within the 11 options available for all the related ad sets. According to Facebook, your advertising objective is what you want people to do when they see your ads. The main 3 ad categories are: awareness, consideration and conversion.

Ad Set

A single campaign can have multiple groups or sets of advertisements. However, each ad set has to have a defined budget, timeline, push, location and audience segmentation for all the related ads.


Within each ad set, we can have multiple ads. And each ad contains different combinations of images, text, links, videos or CTA buttons. However, they share the segmentation and budget of the entire set.

Start your Facebook Ads campaign…

Remember that Facebook is the social network with the highest number of active users so far, and if we take into account that this advertising method is also one of the cheapest (if done correctly), a Facebook Ads campaign will make your Internet advertising investment very profitable. This is especially true if it’s designed and segmented correctly. However, it’s important to remember that if you don’t set up Facebook Ads correctly, you might end up wasting thousands of dollars without increasing brand awareness and ROI.


Thus, our highly qualified team can provide expert assistance in creating and managing your Facebook Ads campaign so you can be sure you’re investing properly and will actually see results. Contact us today for a free consultation and start taking advantage of Facebook Ads.