50 Internal Tag Associated Records

Hi. It’s Jeff Arnold with Four Spot Marketing. We’re going over the 50. internal Tag Associated Records campaign. This campaign is used if you want to apply the same tag to associated records inside of Infusionsoft. The use case, for the most part, is going to be, for example, if you have five different members of the same company and you want all five of those people to go into your sales funnel, for example. What you could do is, when the first person from that company enters the sales campaign, you could trigger this Tag Associated Records campaign to run. What it will do is, it will go, it will then find everybody in the same company, and then apply a particular tag to that person so that all of the people can then get entered into the sales campaign.

So, the way this is going to work is, they’re going to trigger the entry campaign, they’re going to press Start, they’re going to go up here and press the HTTP button. This is going to trigger the information inside of PlusThis to run, and then what it’s going to do when they come back out is it’s going to press this button that says that they have now tagged the associated records. In this section is where you will put the tag that will then move everybody further down your pipeline. So, for example, if you have your sales pipeline set where the very first sequence is Tag Associated Records, then whatever that next tag is inside of that campaign is the tag that you’ll have added here. That way, all five members of that group will have that stage two tag applied and they will then continue to move through the entire sales pipeline. So, once that’s complete, we stop the campaign.

Here’s how this works. We’re going to go in here and look for Tag Associated Records. We’ll look for Tag Associated Records. We’re going to go down here and find Tag Associated Records, click Add Feature, and it pops open this window. In here, we’re going to say which field is used to define the relationship. Typically, you’re going to use Company because, most of the time, we have people grouped by company. Then this says, “Which tag should be applied to all of the associated contact records?” For simplicity, so that you don’t have to constantly change the PlusThis feature, we have our single tag right here created so that then they’ll move into this section so you can add whatever tag you want here. So, again, whatever your stage two tag is inside your sales campaign is what you’ll insert right here so that all of these people will then hit stage two of your sales pipeline and then move forward.

Then, we want to make sure that, inside of here, we copy the name of the campaign. Copy it, paste it here, so again, we know where this PlusThis feature is running, and we are going to click Save. Grab the HTTP post URL that’s here, paste that into your campaign right here, paste right there, save it. Tag Associated Records, come back here, make this live, and you are ready to go with tagging your associated records. Again, you simply need to go into this section of the campaign, you need to add stage two tag for your sales pipeline, and now everybody will move through your sales pipeline.

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