50 Internal Set Owner

Hi, this is Jeff Arnold from 4Spot Marketing. We’re going to cover the 50. Internal – Set Owner campaign. You may be wondering why there is a Set Owner campaign when there is an option inside of your sequence to actually set an owner. So, really, the main benefit to this campaign is going to be when you put it behind an internal form. So, if you have, for example, an internal form that allows you to do new data entry… Let’s say a new customer comes in and you want to make sure that that customer gets assigned to an owner. Maybe you want to assign it automatically to the person that filled out the form, for example. So, maybe you have a sales staff that are working on your Infusionsoft campaigns. When they get a phone call from a new lead that comes in, they fill out that internal form. Instead of having to figure out that we need to assign an owner and they go in and assign an owner and do whatever happens there, this system can automatically assign that owner based on the person that filled out the internal form.

So, whenever you go in here, what happens, we hit Start. It would fall… Basically, what happened is, right after somebody fills out your initial form, like your initial intake form, you would fire off the tag to start this campaign and it would go through this process. And it would go through and fire the HTTP post that goes over to PlusThis. All we’re going to do is stop the campaign right afterwards because this is simply a utility campaign.

Then, what happens is, inside of this Set Owner campaign, you are going to either pick a specific user. So, if you wanted to make sure that every single person was assigned to one person in your organization, you could have that automatically assign or you could have it set as the user who created it via the internal form. And, if you do that, then what’s going to happen is, the person that’s filled out that internal form, say the sales person, is going to automatically assign this contact to that person that filled out the internal form. So, you don’t have to worry about having a field available for them to change the owners. It’ll automatically assign that.

Once we’re done here, all we want to do is grab the name of the campaign, copy it, paste it in here, and then hit Save, and that will generate the HTTP post. At that point, we’ll put that HTTP post inside of here, paste it in there, make this go live, and your Set Owner campaign is ready to run.

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