50 Internal Set Field

Hi, it’s Jeff from 4Spot Marketing. We’re going over the 50. Internal – Set Field campaign using PlusThis. With the set field, quite often the field setting option that you have inside of Infusionsoft as a default doesn’t cover all of the details that you need. So, you can only set certain fields to certain values. This allows you a lot more flexibility in setting the field value. So, what you’re going to do in the campaign is we’re going to start the campaign, press Start, go up here and this going to trigger an HTTP call over to PlusThis where it’s going to do its magic. And then we’re simply going to stop the campaign because inside of PlusThis we’re setting the field values to what we want, so we don’t really have to take any additional action other than just stopping this campaign.

So, inside of PlusThis, you’re going to go and search for set. You’re going to pull up set field, click Add Feature, it’s going to pop open a window that looks like this. Now, at this point, you have the option of setting a field to a value that you set right now, like a free form text field, you can type in whatever value you want, or you can set one field equivalent to data that’s in a second field. So, to show you the typing on your own, you can go in to, say, maybe lead source for example, or going to go in and maybe you went to a very special, you know, Infusionsoft event or something. Meaning to say that we went to, like, an Infusionsoft gala, right, 2018. So, that could be the value that we set for lead source. Then, maybe we had the user name for the person that we want to create, maybe we’re going to run through an automated system that’s going to create a user name in our website for them and we want to dictate what that user name is.

We could go in and copy that from another field. So, we could go in here and look for user name, and then maybe you want the user name to be equal to their last name. Just as, you know, an example. You can say user name equals last name. So, that’s how you would utilize another field. So, lead source is manually typed in here, and then this field would be, this field is equivalent to this field because that’s the way you set that. Very, very straightforward, and then that’s about it. So, we’re going to go up here and grab the information here for our name of our campaign. We’re going to set that as the feature name so that we have that. Now, you might have multiple set fields that you set up over the course of time. Simply go in here and add additional information about what that actual field is. So, go ahead and save that. Once we save this, what it’s going to do is it’s going to give us that URL. Copy that, go back into your campaign, paste that here into the HTTP post, hit Ready, hit Ready, and then your Set Field campaign is ready to run.

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