50 Internal Math

Hey. This is Jeff Arnold with 4Spot Marketing. We’re going to talk about the 50. Internal Math Campaign using PlusThis. This feature is effective when you want to count something. It is very simple math being performed outside of Infusionsoft and having that final answer saved back into a custom field inside of Infusionsoft. In this case, we’re counting the number of sessions and we have it set up for five. So if, for example, you wanted to track how many times somebody came to your gym for example, you could have it set up where every time they came to the gym, somebody triggered something internally in Infusionsoft which says, “Came to the gym.”

It would run through this campaign and it would take the field that has the number of times they’ve attended. It will go out to PlusThis. It will add one to that field and then save that field again. So each time that number increases by one. If they’ve been there less than five or less times, it’s going to run through this section of the campaign. If they’ve been there more than five times, it will run through here. So that’s just one case example.

Another example could be if you are going to track the number of months that somebody has paid for a subscription. You could go in and every time the subscription charges, you could trigger this campaign to start counting the number of times that person has paid for a subscription item. So you could then see how many months they have been a member. So it can be used for just about anything and it doesn’t always have to be addition. It could be addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. And you’ll see when we get to the PlusThis feature that there are lots of different options.

So all that happens is when you enter the campaign, we press the start button, we go here and we look for the HTTP POST which is going to run the PlusThis feature. And then in this case, it continues through and it runs a decision diamond. You know, in this case we’re asking, “Is the number of sessions five or lower? If so, put them through this section of the campaign. If the number of sessions is over five, then put them through this section of the campaign.” Inside of either of these sections, you can then do whatever you want.

You could trigger a brand new campaign that says, “Number of sessions under five,” or you could trigger a new campaign that says, “Number of sessions over five,” and you could do something there, or you could simply just let it go and just keep track of a running history of some sort of a number and not worry about it. So whatever you want to do can happen inside of these two campaigns. And then from here, you can then trigger the stop button to get back out of this sequence. So if you’re going to keep track of something, it will run through, it’ll trigger whatever triggers, it will then stop the campaign so that the next time you want to run them through the campaign, it can start again and run through the campaign. They’re not stuck in a sequence somewhere.

So the way we configure the PlusThis portion is go into the feature library and look for Math and click Add Feature and that will take you to this page. You then get the option of what you want to do. Which field do you want? We have a number of sessions chosen. So the number of sessions, we’re going to add. So you get the option of add, subtract, divide, or multiply. We’re going to add one. So you can go in here and you can put any number you want here. So now we’re going to go, “Number of sessions is one.” You can add another calculation if you want to. You can go through and do a variety of math calculations. So anything you need to calculate, you can calculate here. We’re going to delete those.

Then where do we want to store the final result? So you might have one field that has something in it that you want to add to and then save in a different field or in this case, we just want to add one to the number of sessions. So we’re going to take the number of sessions, we’re going to add one and we’re going to save that number right back into the number of sessions. If there’s activity that you need to track to say, “Okay, this math has been completed, let’s do something else,” you can do that. You can apply a tag here after that number has been stored.

We don’t need to do that for this example. So we have the number of sessions, add one, save it back to the number of sessions and that’s all we need to do with this math example. So then we want to copy the name of the campaign. We want to go here and save that. So we know that the feature name is in the campaign that we have inside of our Infusionsoft system. So we save that. Once we save that, we’re going to get the HTTP POST. We want to copy that, go back into our campaign, go to our HTTP POST, paste it here, mark down that it’s ready, and now your campaign is going to be ready to go to perform that math task when somebody runs through this campaign.

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