50 Internal Humanize Infusionsoft Dates

Hi. It’s Jeff Arnold with 4Spot Marketing. We’re going to go over the 50. Internal – Humanize Infusionsoft Dates Campaign using PlusThis. In this campaign, what we’re going to do is we’re going to use this PlusThis feature that will turn a set of just numbers and time into an actual nicely formatted date. So, for example, if we’re talking about August 10th, 2018, instead of trying to insert into an email, “Dear Dave, I’m looking forward to meeting you on…,” and having it say 8/18/18, it would say, “Looking forward to meeting you on August 18th, 2018,” something along those lines. So, you can format using a variety of different options here. One of the things we do is we use a temporary text field, so that we don’t have to have custom fields that last forever. For every single one of our Humanize Dates, we use a temp field. We trigger the Humanize Date right before we send an email. We then include that temporary text field inside the email, and then after the email is sent, we clear out that temporary text field again.

So, we use it only for a very short period of time, so we can use it for multiple things without having to worry about using up all 100 of our custom fields. So, the way this works is we enter somebody into the campaign, we push the start button. Up here, we’re going to send off for the HTTP Post for PlusThis to have it convert the date that we have into a well-formatted email or well-formatted field, so we can read it very nicely and easily. And then we’re going to push the Stop button. So, in this case, we’re going to go over and going to the Feature library, start looking for Humanize Infusionsoft Dates, and it shows you here that instead of having, you know, 3/18/2015 in this Time feature, it would actually say really nice “March 18th, 3 pm.” So, click Add the Feature. It’s going to pop up this window, which date do you want to convert? I just chose birthday in setting up the demo. So, we have the birthday. And then, where do we want to put the human formatted date? Again, we use a temporary text field, so that we don’t have to fill up all, you know, 100 of our custom fields with these options. So, we use a temporary text field.

And then, how would you like to format this date? It gives you a bunch of options here. So, you can go through. You can use the, you know, Friday, August 10th fully spelled out. You can just say, “August 10th.” Whatever day or format you want here, you can insert this. So, you could create multiple Humanize Infusionsoft Dates. So, really, you could create, you know, what do we have here, about a dozen different formats. You could create a dozen of these Humanize Infusionsoft Dates. And then, depending on which one you want to use at any given time, you’d be able to go in and have the dates formatted in a given way. So, even using European dating, you know, with the day first and then the month. So, whichever one you prefer, choose that format. And then, we want to go and copy the name of the campaign here, copy that, paste that here, so we know where this is being utilized, and then we’re going to save it. Gives you a URL. Copy the URL, go back into here, paste that into our HTTP Post right here, make this live, and then you’re ready to go.

In this particular demo, we have an email that’s being sent. So, what’s happening is we’re coming in. We’re sending this off immediately. But the email is waiting for one minute before we go ahead and send the email. A lot of times, what we will do in our configurations, is we’ll send off this HTTP Post, but it’ll be part of the campaign. We send them back to the original campaign, and then we’ll have the email run. So, a lot of different ways that you could utilize this Humanize Infusionsoft Dates campaign. So, once you get that, publish the whole thing, and you’re ready to go live.

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