50 Internal Easy Opt In

It’s Jeff Arnold with 4Spot Marketing. We’re going to go over the 50. Internal – Easy Opt-In campaign. This is a very simple utility campaign that is going to mark somebody’s e-mail address as marketable and opt them in to your system. Now, you’re going to see a lot of disclosures inside of the PlusThis system, and I’ll give the same disclosure, is do not use this for any type of list that you’ve purchased or any type of scenario where they definitely did not opt in. You want to use it, like, in a lot of times if you’re moving data and you move one e-mail address to a different e-mail address, or if you’re working on merging people, sometimes you have different fields that get moved around, and you want to make sure that you have them marked as opted in because they had opted in in the past, or if you’re on a phone call with somebody and they happen to say, “Yeah, please send me some e-mails about stuff,” they don’t have an opt-in button. So, you can have it set up maybe via an internal form that you simply click a button, and it would then run this campaign on that person to mark them as opted in.

So, to use this, all we do is click the Enter button which goes up here to press Start, goes in, we’re going to run the HTTP post. We’re simply going to wait one minute and then stop this campaign because everything that needs to happen is done inside the PlusThis. So, we then stop the campaign and the campaign is done. When we go into PlusThis, go to the feature library, search for easy, you’re going to find the easy opt-in. Click Add Feature, it’ll pop open this window. All you do is select which e-mail address you want to opt in. So, if you just went through, and maybe you’re reconfiguring your database, maybe you’re moving data around for some reason, you can choose the main e-mail, e-mail two, e-mail three, whatever you want, choose the proper field here, enter the reason for opting this person in.

So, if for example, maybe you have this set up so that it’s a verbal opt-in. They talked to you on the phone and say, “Yes, please send us information.” So, the reason for opting in is verbal opt-in with salesperson or something along those lines. So, make sure you put the details here of the way that you’re opting this…why this person is being opted in. And then we’re going to copy the name of the campaign, 50. Internal – Easy Opt-In, paste that here under the feature name so we know where the PlusThis feature is being utilized. Click Save, copy the HTTP post that’s here. Go back into your campaign, to this HTTP post, go up here, paste here right here into this section. Once you have that, hit Draft to make it ready, click ready here, and your Easy Opt-In campaign is ready to go.

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