50 Internal Contact Validator Phone Number

Hi, this is Jeff Arnold with Four Spot Marketing. We’re going to go through the 50. internal Contact Validator phone number campaign. This campaign is used simply to validate whether or not the phone number that you are checking is a valid phone number. So you can go through here. You could set this up one time for Phone Number 1. You could set up a second campaign for Phone Number 2 if you wanted to.

So what you’re going to do is, when you enter the campaign, it’s going to press the Start button and it will go in here and it will wait to run the HTTP post that we’re going to get from PlusThis. Then it’s going to identify whether it’s invalid or valid. If it’s invalid, it will go into this sequence and tag it as an invalid phone number. You can then do whatever you want. You could trigger a task for yourself to follow up to find out what the valid phone number is, you could send an email to the person saying, “Hey, the phone number that we have on file doesn’t appear to be valid. Please give us an update,” or you could simply, you know, leave it as tagged. Whatever you want to do. If the phone number’s valid, it’s going to tag it as a valid phone number, and then typically, at that point, you’re just going to wait and it’s going to go through here and it will just stop the campaign. So then it stops the campaign and pulls them out. So there’s really nothing you need to do on that.

The way that you configure the PlusThis feature is, you go into PlusThis, look for the validator, the Contact Validator. Click Add Feature. That will bring you to this page. This Contact Validator can be used in multiple ways. We’ve segmented this out so that we have three different campaigns that you can utilize. We have the phone number campaign, the email campaign, and the phone number type campaign. So inside of here, right now, we’re not going to use the email validation piece. That will be inside the email validation campaign. The phone number validation, you want to click to be On. “Which phone number do you want to validate?” In this case, we’re just going with Phone Number 1, which is the default phone number.

You have the option here of checking ‘Attempt validation with default country code.’ So you can click that. It’s going to try to use the default country code for the country that’s identified to identify whether or not that phone number is valid. We’re not going to do that. You can also check this so that it updates the phone number with its fully qualified format. What that means is that if you put the phone number in as 702-721-9763, that’s a Nevada phone number in the United States, what will happen is, that phone number will get changed to +1-702-721-9763. So it will put the country code in front of it if you check this box.

So what we can do after that…we’re not going to do that. We’re just going to leave the phone number as is right now. As you go through here, it’s going to run. If the phone number is invalid, it’s going to press the Invalid button, which is right here, which will trigger this portion in the campaign. If it is valid, we’re going to push the Valid button right here, which is going to run this section in the campaign. And then we’re not going to configure anything right here for right now. All we’re doing at this point is verifying whether or not the phone number is valid.

When you get and start utilizing these things, these are inside of our phone number type campaign, this starts to get an additional charge through Twilio. I did not mention in the beginning, but you have to have Twilio configured in order to use the phone number validation. So you have to have your Twilio account connected, and then it’s going to do the verification using the Twilio API.

After you’re done with this you, want to go up, you want to copy the name of the campaign. You want to paste that down here so you have the Contact Validator phone number, and then save that. All you’re going to do is grab this URL, go back into your campaign, go here, and then paste right here, and then un-draft this. At that point, you’re going to be ready to run this campaign. You can then go in and just simply apply the entry tag to every brand-new contact that you have and it will run through and validate the phone number.

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