50 Internal Combine Fields

This is Jeff Arnold with 4Spot Marketing. Here’s the 50. Internal – Combine Fields campaign. This utility campaign uses PlusThis, and it is very straightforward. It will take two fields and it will blend them together. So what we’re going to do is when somebody triggers the campaign to enter, they’re going to hit the Start button, go in here and we’re going to trigger the HTTP post which sends the data over to PlusThis that we want to work on combining. At this point, the utility sequence is over so we’re going to wait one minute and we’re going to press the Stop button and pull this person out.

Very straightforward campaign. This could be replicated for any combination of field blends that you want to do, and then you would just create multiple PlusThis campaign items as well, or sequences that we set up here. So inside of this, whenever you go and you search, look for combinations, so Combine Fields comes up, hit Add Feature, pops open this Combine Fields page, very straightforward. Which field do you want to combine with which other field shows you the preview of what it’s going to look like and then where do you want to save this.

So in this case, before we had the split fields where we took the nickname and we split it into a first name and a last name, now we have the combined fields which takes out first name and last name and combines them into one field. You can combine any combination of fields. So, as I have done in the past, I’ve done data cleanup where I’ve had custom fields that are really no longer relevant to me. So what I do is I go in and I use the Combined Fields to combine multiple fields into one temporary field and then I save that data as a note on the contact record so that I have the data saved with the contact record but I don’t necessarily have to keep those custom fields.

Here’s another combination way that PlusThis recommends you do it. You can say, “Dear, first name and last name.” So what you could do is combining this, you could put the text here that would be Dear, and then you could combine first name, last name, or first name and spouse’s first name, and you could put that in here and combine it into one form field that would go into the system. So here’s what you’re preview would look like. Dear so and so, if you wanted to include that into the field.

So in this case we’re taking first name, we’re taking last name, we’re combining them into nickname, very straightforward. You’re going to copy the name of your campaign, 50. Internal – Combined Fields, put that down here under the feature name. If you’re going to create multiple features inside of PlusThis, add your layer of granularity here, so this is going to be first and last. You could combine other things if you wanted to and you would just have multiple 50. Internal – Combined Fields, first and last, whatever the other one is, whatever the other one is. You would just add that in here.

So we have first name, last name, combined fields, save that, it’s going to give you the HTTP post. Copy this URL by clicking here. Go back into your campaign, go to your HTTP post. You’re going to paste that there, make this live, make this live, and now whenever you go back to publish your Combined Fields campaign will be publish and ready to work.

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