30 Fulfillment SMS Sequences

Hi this is Jeff Arnold with 4Spot Marketing going over the thirty fulfillment SMS sequences campaign.

The sequences campaign is going to be different from the send SMS campaign in the sense that this sequencing is a series where you can ask questions and get responses and then you can drive automation based on the response.

So an example use case would be I was working with a doctor’s office and they were sending out reminders of their appointments.

And in the agreement in the appointment reminder that they would send they would say please reply back yes to confirm that your appointment is valid or you will be making it to your appointment and if you need to reschedule.

Or that’s not correct please reply back no and we’ll contact you reschedule and so what we were able to do is we were able to build an entire sequence from start to finish where they could actually have a text message conversation with the system and never have to interact with the front desk unless the front desk wanted to make a phone c all to them for some reason.

So they were able to actually say yes my appointment is good or no.

It’s not we were also able to integrate using appointment cor.

We were able to integrate a link where they could go and actually reschedule their appointment if they had to automatically without even having to contact the front desk.

So a great automated campaign for appointment setting and so this is kind of how this works so they can you can enter them into the campaign it’s going to press the start button up here.

We’re going to trigger the SMS sequence there are options of things that happen after that the bottom two are going to be kind of admin items if they opted out of SMS messaging or if the numbers invalid it’s going to pull them out and it’s going to stop the campaign and then the two at the top are going to be answers.

So if they reply back yes then we run whatever’s inside of this sequence.

If they reply back no then we can run whatever’s inside of this sequence.

So you get to determine exactly what’s going to happen with the campaign based on the answers so inside of + this the way this works you go to this features you’d type SMS and we want the sequencing.

So click add feature and you’re going to come up to this section of the campaign and so once you have this set up what you’re going to be able to do is you’re going to be able to go in and be able to go through and configure everything but Twilio has to be set up ahead of time so Twilio is a third party that actually does the texting for plus this.

You have to set up your Twilio account get it integrated then you have the features that you can use here so we can dictate how we want to start the SMS sequence there is the ability to have them enter via text of a keyword or go through an HTTP POST.

In this case we are only going to use the HTTP POST because that’s something we’ve set up inside of our campaign here.

So now we have the HTTP POST you choose the number you’ve set up through Twilio which phone number do you want to send to phone one or if you know that phone 2 is always your mobile phone you could choose mobile phone too.

And then you go in here and you can go in and message to send so this is the message you’re going to send to them and so you have an appointment scheduled on.

And the scheduled date please reply yes to confirm again you can go in here and you can insert any merge field that you want to so if you have your date in one field at a time in another you can go ahead and insert both of those fields you can insert their first name so you personalize it a little bit.

Anything you need to you can go ahead and enter into this section if there’s a particular link for MMS messaging like if you wanted to send a photo or a video of a testimonial or anything that was applicable to what you’re doing you can insert that here and then it says when a response to this message is received if you want to store the response somewhere.

For example if you were going to send something out and you wanted to capture their data specifically like you if you’re asking them a question in this case we’re just giving them a consultation confirmation and saying reply back yes or no but if you were sending something out like thank you for your constant scheduling your consultation.

I would really like to know what’s the number one thing that is troubling you in the process of using Infusionsoft well they’re going to send back a free-form text field that is going to give you some details so it you want to make sure you capture that so you could capture that inside of a custom field.

If that’s the type of messaging that you’re doing so then what happens is you go through and it says what should happen next.

So you can go through here and you can go through and run this section.

And this is going to be based on the response that you get back so we said reply yes to confirm.

So now what we do is we can figure this section so now the response equals any of the following phrases.

Now some people are going to reply back yes some people are going to reply back with the letter.

Why some people might say okay instead of typing yes some people might say confirm all of those are positive affirmative actions and responses that we want that all mean the same thing so the way you configure this is you can go in you can put in specifically the word yes and that means that yes is the only answer if for example you put asterisks around it like we have here what that means is that if the word yes is included in the message then we are going to assume that that is what we want so in this case we have the word yes so if somebody types back yes I’ll be there.

Yhey’ve included the word yes in their response so that’s going to be taken as an affirmative as a positive.

We’re going to call that yes and we’re going to apply the yes tag so then we can go through and if the response meets none of the criteria or nothing’s configured it’s going to say no.

So if they do reply back with no or can’t make it or sorry or anything else that they do reply but it’s not one of our answers we’re going to mark it down as no.

You can also configure this to be know so you can configure it in such a way that if they say specifically no or can’t make it or not good or something like that you can configure that the same way you configured the yes so then we have all of this configure.

So now we have our answers that have come back as yes or if they reply back with anything else we’re going to take that as a no and then we have our utility items that I talked about we have the number opted out or the numbers invalid.

So we have those tags applied as well and then we want to name this sequence so again we go up here we grab the name of the sequence copy that take it down here and paste it into here so that we know what the sequence is and then we can save that once we save.

We’re going to get some information for the feature URL we can go ahead and we can capture that URL and then we’re going to paste that into our campaign here with the information.

And at that point we will have that configured.

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