30 Fulfillment Send SMS Message

Hi it’s Jeff Arnold with 4Spot Marketing going over how the 30 fulfillment send SMS message campaign is going to work this campaign.

You can enter in two ways you can either apply a tag to have this campaign run or you could have it triggered at any time a particular product is purchased it will go here we press the start button inside of here we’ll run through and it will queue you up to be able to send the text message out of this sequence.

Then what will happen is if they happen to opt out.

What will happen is it’ll pull them out of that sequence and mark them as opted out.

If the number is invalid it will pull it out of the sequence and mark it is as invalid and then it will go ahead and stop the campaign.

So the way that you configure the plus this feature here is that this is simply an SMS.

So I’ll go into the feature search for SMS go to send SMS message hit add feature that will bring you to this page.

Then the one thing you need to do before you can set this up is that you need to go in and you need to set up your Twilio integration so you’ll need to go into Plus this you’ll need to set up the Twilio integration and after the Twilio account is integrated with your Plus this.

Then you’ll have access to be able to run these features so once you get here.

What do you want what do you ahh who do you want the text message to be sent to is the contact record that triggers this feature now what you can do is you can actually let me specify a phone number so what that difference is there is if you say let me specify a phone number that could be something like.

If somebody enters into your system and say that it’s a new lead that comes in the system and you want a text message to be sent directly to you then you could put your phone number in there and have a default content text message sent to you that says Joe Smith just entered the contact form on your website.

So for example a real estate agent could have it set up where when somebody goes into the system it will trigger an email directly to your phone that says Joe Smith just submitted information on your website.

You can then give them a call immediately.

So your first two you know speed the lead is a big thing. So you could be the first one making a phone call to that person immediately just jumping on top of that lead and talking to them right away.

So that’s the way you’d configure for let me specify a phone mobile phone number in this case we’re sending a text message to the contact record.

So we have that feature listed which phone number do you want to send to you can dictate which of the phone numbers in your system you want to send that number or this text to and then what the country code is then they say what method would you like to use to deliver this message.

We have a phone number that is configured again through your Twilio integration.

The phone number that’s configured through Twilio then you enter your message.

So inside the message you free form whatever you want you can choose merge fields here.

So as you see here it says thank you and I’ll go ahead and show you how we do this merge field thank you and we’ll just go in first you know select their first name and just automatically puts it in there just like you’re using the merge fields in the campaign donor emails that we have for purchasing this campaign if you’d like full Infusionsoft consulting please call it that or visit the website so you can insert multiple items in there you can use this if you’re going to send somebody for example a reminder about their appointment that’s coming up.

It could be simply you know thank you for signing up for your appointment on X date you can insert the verge fields that are in there the date and time whatever you want.

So use this for all merged content information include the following media if there’s a link you want to include like you want to send a YouTube video for up testimonials or something like that you can include that to put in there additional options.

Basically this is where we’re triggering if they have opted out or if the number is invalid then we’re going to apply these tags again that goes over here and applies these tags and then it gives you some additional information regarding texting you know not spamming people Twilio information etc is listed here then your name the feature.

So again we go up here we grab the name of the campaign once we grab the name of that campaign we go down here and we paste it and then we save that that’s going to give us the HTML code that we need we copy that HTML code we go back into here and we paste that into here and hit ready to go.

And then your text is ready to go.

So what you could do is you can actually set up if you wanted to let’s say we wanted to make this an appointment reminder campaign so that we went in and somebody scheduled their dental appointment for example for you know August 1st you could go in and you could have this set up where inside of this system you set up your field timer and you would choose the appointment date and then you would send maybe immediately let’s say this immediately you would send the email saying thank you for registering for your appointment on xx date.

Then you could put a delay timer in here that would say the day before you could say something along the lines of your appointment is tomorrow.

Then on the day of your appointment is today etc then if at any point they’ve opted out or the numbers invalid it’s not going to try to send those future messages it’ll pull them out of here and cancel the campaign.

So that is how the send SMS message campaign works.

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