30 Fulfillment Easy Check in

Hi is Jeff Arnold from 4Spot Marketing going to show you how to use the 30 fulfillment easy check-in campaign this check-in campaign is used for live events.

So it gives you the ability to have people check in when they get there and automatically read a QR code or have a tag applied to the person when they push a check-in button on some sort of a reader at your front entry point where it will automatically mark them as being checked in.

So this is a great way that you’d be able to send out a QR code to people so whenever they show up they can scan the QR code whenever they first get to your door that way you can track every single person that’s coming in and then you can mark them as attended.

And of course be able to put them into some sort of a sequence you can market to them afterwards so this is a very straightforward campaign as far as it relates to Infusionsoft so what you would do is if you’re running an event you would simply have the easy check-in campaign started which would then push the start button up here all it’s going to do is tag them that they’re basically waiting to attend the event.

And they’re going to kind of sit here so you can send them in this email you could send them the email that has the QR code in it you can send them all the details leading up to the event itself.

And then what’s going to happen is when they check in it’s going to then mark them down that they have checked in and you’ll be able to go in here and you’ll be able to then do something custom whether it’s a custom email series or whether you’re going to apply a tag to put them back into your say it’s a live event sequence you can put them into the live event sequence that says that they have shown up or whatever you want to do again inside of this sequence you can drive whatever automation you want then we just go ahead and we press the stop button.

So the magic happens inside of plus this.

So go to the feature library and you can search for check-in so go to easy check-in click add feature.

You’re going to come to this page inside of this page it’s going to be which tag indicates the record is eligible.

That’s going to be the start button.

Basically so when somebody enters the campaign and they get the start button.

That’s where we’re going to choose as far as the tag what tag do we want to apply when somebody checks in and we’re going to have the check-in so again that’s going to be this easy check-in tag that’s going to drive the automation here this says that says yes they have shown up um you can store if you want to we don’t have it stored here.

But if you want to you could create a custom field for check-in time and you would actually be able to choose that field here and it would actually record what time they checked in then for the badges.

You can go ahead and you can choose what fields you want so here’s the QR code, in this case, we’re going to have the first name and then the company so what should be displayed on the first line is their first name on the second line is their company.

You can create unique you QR codes if you want to with this system.

If you’re running say multiple events that that same person might show up for multiple events you could use a custom QR code, then under the check-in options you can go through and show a page after check-in that says you know you’ve done you’re checked in and then what field should be displayed on the page you can go in and put in different things like you can put in um Mr. Belfort you can put in their first name.

We could put in their last name you can put the information here show that they have checked in if you wanted that’s completely up to you what you want to put on them on that page.

There is an admin page that’s available inside of Plus this, so if you wanted to go in here and you wanted to track the people that are currently attending so if you wanted to maybe have at the front of the room.

This plus in this window open and you want to track how many people showed up um you can go in here and you can choose any of the fields that are inside of your system so if you wanted to go in you could you know track different fields on your admin panel so you can see all the people that have shown up and then here you could have a tag to display in the view details screen.

So you could have again that admin panel that’s kind of tracking live who all has shown up and who all is currently there that’s all inside of like admin panel here inside of plus this.

Then again we’re going to go we’re going to copy the name of the campaign and then we’re going to paste that in as the feature name and then once we save that then you’re going to see here’s your panel of who all was there so you’d be able to see a running list of all of the people who have shown up for your event.

So this would be your panel where you can go and look at that so um that’s the way you use this campaign fairly straightforward when they enter the campaign.

They’re just going to get a tag that they’re in the status of waiting to check in and then basically here we could have to check in happening and we’d be able to mark down that they’ve checked in and that could then again feedback into your live event sequence this would be a utility sequence.

That you could run in conjunction with other types of campaigns that are working with your live event.

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