10 Marketing Scarcity Triggers

Hi. It’s Jeff Arnold with 4Spot Marketing. We’re involved with the 10.Marketing Scarcity Triggers Campaign. The Scarcity Triggers campaign is actually a pretty cool campaign that allows you to set up, you know, scarcity items, because we know that scarcity sells. If people know that there are only 20 discounts available, they wanna be one of the first individuals to sign up to take full advantage of that discount.

So, what we have set up here, basically, will be a scenario where you say the first 20 people to click to take advantage of X discount are going to get 50% off. Everybody else will get 25% off. Well, as people go through and they click, we’re going to keep track of how many people have that click tag applied, and then once we get to the point where we hit over 20 of those, we’re going to serve them a different email that says, “Sorry. Twenty people already took advantage. Here’s where you can get your 25% discount,” or something along those lines.

For people that click before we hit a total of 20, they’ll get the email that says, “Congratulations. You made it in. We’re going to give you the 50% discount.” So, the way it works is here, you enter the scarcity campaign, you go to the start button, you go here, and you send off whatever that email may be that talks about scarcity. Again, first 20 people get a 50% discount. Everybody after that gets 25% off. In that email, they’re going to click. When they click, we’re going to apply the tag that says that they clicked the email.

Then, we’re going to run the HTTP post, which goes over to PlusThis, does the magic over there, and then sends them back through here one minute later. It’s going to come back through here and run a decision diamond. And it will say, “Do they have the tag applied that says that more than 20 have clicked? If no, then send them the discount for 50% off. If yes, more than 20 have clicked, then send them the 25% off discount,” if that’s what you configure it. Again, you can configure anything you want inside of here. You can change the number from 20 to 50. Whatever you want, you can go ahead and change this information, but this is the basic format for the campaign. Then, when this is done running, we’re going to click the stop button and stop the campaign.

Over here, we’re going to search for scarcity. We see scarcity triggers. Click Add Feature. It’s going to pop open this window, and it says, “Select the tag that you want to count.” Again, this is the tag where people click, so this is the tag we wanna count. The Scarcity Triggers clicked email. So, Scarcity Triggers clicked email. We wanna count this tag. If the tag is greater than… You have multiple options. You can say greater than, less than, equal to, or not equal to. So, we’re going to say, “If it’s greater than 20, then we’re going to apply the tag that says count is equal 20.” So, that means that we’re going to apply the tag that would the redirect them down this direction. So, in here, you can add additional tagging conditions. If you want to, you can, you know, daisy chain a number of different things.

So, let’s say, for example, you wanna say first 20 get 50% off, next 20 get 35% off, and everybody else gets 20% off. You could set that up to say that first 20 get, you know, 50. You can set up multiple options. So, you could go in and create another counter here. So, you can take advantage of a tiered effect, basically. So, then, we wanna go in. We wanna take the name of the campaign, copy that, paste that into our feature name, so we know where this came from. And at that point, we click Save. That’s going to give us HTTP post URL that we want. We wanna copy that. We wanna go into our campaign, paste that here into our HTML section. Save it. And then, what happens is, again, is they come in here, they click the email that triggers this tag. It then sends them to the PlusThis system, which will determine do we have 20 or more people who have clicked, yes or no? If the answer’s no, then they’re going to go in here to the under 20. If the answer is yes, then it’s going to go down here to the over 20. You can run whatever information you want out of here. We’re then going to stop the campaign. So, that’s your Scarcity Triggers campaign.

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