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What Is a Squeeze Page and How to Create

Squeeze pages are increasingly becoming popular with the marketing department jumping entirely to the internet for attracting customers. A “squeeze page” is typically an advertisement page that leads to another link before opening the page that wished to browse. We all come across those pages that provide free e-book subscriptions, unmatched offers on electronics and appliances or free service assistants giving all types of lucrative offers. Squeeze page is a trend that leads to a better marketing and promotional experience than offline methods by attracting customers to sign up for a product(usually unique)  by supplying their e-mail address, a necessary column for subscribing to anything. Getting e-mails of the customers is highly advantageous and a series of emails can be sent to potential customers and get them understand and possibly buy your product. Creating your own squeeze page is extremely handy with the WordPress themes like SqueezeMe and Current that make building the pages breezy with multiple features like drag and drop and easy addition of content. There are others that extremely minimal and professional with the image and video widgets like Estate and highly useful for beginners like MiniMax. Multiple themes offer the kind of squeeze page you wish to create and build your clients by taking their emails. Also, care needs to be taken while creating them and setting up their linking in a way that would attract customers and not annoy them.

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