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ThemeReview.co Expands Services

With the web community focusing majorly on theme reviews in the past years, the associates Emil Uzelac and Justin Tadlock at ThemeReview.co made it public that they will soon be adopting plugin reviews. Their theme review service contributed to the perfection and improvisation of a lot of themes and now they are perked up to give attention to plugins. When we talk about themes, plugins follow and evidently plugins outnumber themes in wordpress. A lot of people are happy with this new service because reviews prove to be so essential for the developers allowing their work to grow and improve. However, the partners have refused to do it in full force and plan to expand it only after they have some grasped some good reviews. Standardization of plugins is so complicated because of the diverse nature and a different functionality every time and WordPress Coding Standards serve as the criteria for now. They plan to look up into these and create as good a service as they have done with theme reviews.

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