The ABC’s behind creating an effective email sequence with Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft has been around for some years now and frankly, it’s solidified itself at the apex of online marketing. This is especially true when it comes to marketing automation and email marketing for SMEs. In fact, one of the ways in which it does this is by enabling users to set up an effective email sequence using their platform. This then lets you capitalize on your leads and greatly expand your business. Today, we’ll be looking at some great pointers to creating a stellar email sequence for our online enterprises.

First things first, segmenting your list

If your business has been online for a while now, then it’s a given you’ve got a pretty solid mailing list for your company. As is common with most SMEs, the presence of a strong mailing list is usually accompanied with little to no ecrm data to capitalize with. Which in turn, leaves the business handicapped.

To remedy this, the first step is to contact you current list and familiarize yourself with their areas of interest. It can be as simple as sending them a form for completion, and giving them a free incentive if they did so (perhaps a 3 day free trial using one of the services of your business). So behind the scenes, whenever someone ticks beside a given box, Infusionsoft will then propose some great content and info concerning some of the services as well as products that were ticked. This is what we call a self-tagging mechanism which is pretty useful!

  1. Creating and developing the email sequence of your desire

So whenever a person gets tagged with an interest in one of the products or services of your store, Infusionsoft will then organize relevant content on the subject of interest, and avail them to the person tagged in a timely manner. These emails will be sent to the user, promoting quality content of the product, or similar makes, with consistency.

Depending on your preference, you can have these emails sent a number of times a week. And to avoid being spammy, you can always give your emailing list the option of unsubscribing from the sequence in question, or just about everything if it’s what they desire!

Don’t forget your regular newsletter

Now, if you have a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly newsletter, don’t forget to let it be sent to your email subscribers. Normally, newsletters carry content that covers a myriad of products and services about your business. This goes well especially for subscribers that enjoy a wider variety of content to peruse through. They might just have their interest sparked by something they stumble across. Later, you can have some of that content showcased in their email sequences. And don’t forget to do it on a regular basis.

A few pointers on the technical end…

Remember that Infusionsoft contains the drag and drop email builder, which makes it easier for you to create highly professional emails. Ones that will showcase your brand flawlessly to your subscribers. These emails can then be sent to consistently represent the ideologies of your brand seamlessly. You can start this by first creating templates. During the creative process, the freedom is entirely yours. Infusionsoft will then retain these layouts. They will then be used in subsequent emails.

You can create a drag and drop email when you:

  • Create emails within a campaign sequence
  • Create email templates
  • Send subscribers an email broadcast.

That being said, the drag and drop email builder is a pretty neat way to get your email sequence up and running. With time, you’ll probably get the hang of the whole process. Nevertheless, if you would like to cut the learning curve on email sequencing with Infusionsoft, you can book a free Infusionsoft consulting appointment with 4SpotMarketing today. We will familiarize you with the intricacies of email sequencing. And how you can effectively use it to increase conversions, and ultimately expand your business!

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