Microsoft’s Open Source Progress

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Analyzing the progress and new adaptations of Microsoft, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft has joined leagues with wordpress. Microsoft has fascinated the users and web developers by being on the same boat as wordpress and strolling towards open-source revolution. This change is evident from the fact that a lot of Microsoft’s websites like [...]

Why use WordPress?

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WordPress, a common blogging tool and publishing platform is globally used by the developers across! As per the website, “it is web software you can use for creating beautiful website or blog. It is not deceitful to say WordPress is both priceless and free ". It is exceptionally great because of the several volunteers who [...]

Matt Cutts Video on the Impact WordPress has on SEO

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Matt Cutts (Google head of webspam) talks at WordCamp 2009 about how WordPress handles 90% of the technical aspect of SEO for you.  There is a great snippet at 3:30 that covers this information. If you are interested in SEO and how WordPress helps with your SEO efforts, this is a great video to watch [...]

Search Ranks in Google Skyrocket When New Jewelry Website Launched!

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Lots of companies can talk about how their websites are optimized for Google search.  We show you the proof! We recently launched a new, Google-optimized website for one of our jewelry clients.  Prior to the launch, they only had 8 phrases that ranked in the top 100 in Google’s search results, and only 4 of [...]

Free WordPress Speed Test

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As a WordPress user, if you're like me, you're always looking for new analytics to see how your site is performing. I just got this email from WPEngine -- one of the best WordPress hosting companies out there -- about their new SpeedTest tool. It's pretty awesome.  It gives you a ton of info on [...]

Tips for Improving SEO for WordPress Websites

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This article will give you more insight into SEO for WordPress and how you can help boost your rankings. SEO for WordPress Websites In a market full of competition, small and mid-sized businesses may find it hard to go head-to-head with each other, as well as with the big-wigs in the industry they are operating. [...]

Jewelry Search Engine Rank Success

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Well, it’s time to share another huge jeweler SEO success story!  We created a new website for Marshall’s Jewelers, who has stores in Bellingham, MA and Milford, MA.  The site was built using our Myriad theme. We launched the site about a month or two ago, but just went in and checked on the search [...]

How to Fix "WordPress Post Content Not Showing"

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Several times now I have had an issue where I have worked with a client (or my own) WordPress website and had an issue where the blog post title would show on the blog page, but no excerpt would show … and then when I went into the blog post the content would not show [...]