20 11, 2022

How Strip Malls Influence Your Internet Marketing

2022-11-20T07:31:00-07:00Jewelry Industry News, needs featured image, Search Engine Optimization|

4Spot Marketing’s president, Jeff Arnold, is featured in the most recent edition of Jewelry Business Advisor magazine for an article on Internet Marketing and SEO.  His article discusses how jewelry store owners need to think ‘what’, not ‘who’ when designing and building their websites. When people [...]

11 11, 2022

Five Minutes To Better Social Media Results

2022-11-11T05:15:16-07:00Social Media Marketing|

4Spot Marketing, and Internet Marketing Expert, Jeff Arnold was recently interviewed and contributed content for the article “Five Minutes To Better Social Media Results” in the Centurion newsletter, where he explains how HootSuitecan help you easily manage your social media sites.  You can read the whole [...]

7 10, 2022

Funeral Home SEO Success Story

2022-10-07T20:46:43-07:00Funeral Home Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Success, Success Stories|

Here is a quick update to show the success that we’ve had on a funeral home website.  These results are only after about a month of work on the site. The numbers in black are the #1 Google Rankings, and the numbers in green show the [...]