19 11, 2022

How to Optimize Your Facebook Marketing

2022-11-19T07:10:38-07:00Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

4Spot’s President Featured in the Centurion national newsletter 4Spot Marketing’s president, Jeff Arnold, was featured today in article in the Centurion – an industry leading trade show organization for the jewelry industry – in an article featuring how to maximize your Facebook marketing.  Several industry experts was [...]

30 09, 2022

Facebook Ads’ Advertising Tools

2022-09-30T19:28:33-07:00General Information, Internet Marketing|

As you may already know, Facebook Ads is the platform, system or tool you can use to create all kinds of advertising campaigns inside the biggest social network and Instagram. Ads on either of these platforms can be greatly beneficial to any brand, business, freelancer, etc. [...]