21 04, 2022

Designing Facebook ads? Here’s how to give people an explosive experience!

2022-04-21T11:28:27-07:00Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

Marketers tend to have it all together when it comes to their marketing strategies. They are gurus at improving their SEO, got all the know-how when it comes to geotargeting, and can execute PPC analysis effortlessly! But when it comes to Facebook advertising, ladies and gentleman, [...]

27 03, 2022

The benefits of spending at least $1 a day for Facebook Jewelry store ads

2022-03-27T07:10:35-07:00Jewelry Store Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

We live in a time where Social Media basically runs the show when it comes to marketing and advertising. In retrospect, tv ads always had all the allure back then; and jewelry stores were spending thousands of dollars in order to reach a wider audience. Even [...]


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