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Should Client or Builder Buy Themes and Plugins?

This question comes in handy whenever a wordpress site is being built andperusing the two aspects, it really is a matter that depends vastly on person to person. There are a lot of clients that feel that the entire responsibility of building, maintaining and hosting lies in the hands of the builder and so they don’t seem interested in spending any time on it even if it means doing something as small as purchasing a plugin and so the builder has to step in. And while this task may seem easy to builders who have wordpress running in their veins, a lot of clients have not single idea as to what all this is about and so it becomes the builder’s task.Also, it is beneficial for the builders to buy when they choose to avail this plugin in a number of sites as it is cheaper when multiple licenses are bought. However, some experts suggest that the clients should make the purchase because while they do so, they have access to the original developers of that particular theme and plugin and so any queries, future requirements and updates come right into their arena. If a plugin has a single license and is at the disposal of the client, then he should do the payment and if it is multi-license and requires the commitment of a builder for eternity, the builder should lose the pennies from his pocket.

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