There are thousands of website design firms in this country, and a select handful that specialize in the jewelry industry.  We are able to perform search engine optimization services for all of these sites.

Here is an example of the SEO success that we’ve had with a website that was designed and written in straight HTML.

SEO Success with an HTML Website


In the image above, you can see that with the ‘out of the box’ HTML website, they did not have a very strong Internet search engine presence (they were at 29%).  After we worked with them to optimize their website, their presence in the search engines more than doubled to 65% (this was across a wide range of keywords).  The image below shows how successful our SEO services were for specific rank factors.


The image above shows how many search terms we were able to get into the various rankings.

We obtained top 10 rankings for over half of the terms that we tracked!

All of this happened within a 3 month time frame – and we are still increasing their ranking positions.

If you interested in having us provide you with a FREE, no-obligation ranking report to show how you rank in your local area, please complete the quick form below.

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