It’s time to enhance your Facebook ads for funeral homes

Creating Facebook ads for funeral homes is one of the most complex tasks out there. And if you’ve just launched your funeral home business, you’re starting to see why. During the grieving stage, people can be quite sensitive. So the idea is to create an ad that does not toy with their emotions. But rather, gives them the opportunity to bury their loved ones in comfort and bliss.

Now, it’s monumental that you get the best out of Facebook’s platform when it comes to creating and monitoring your funeral ads. How can you do this? By knowing the subtle details and features inside Facebook’s ads manager. This way, you can launch your next campaign seamlessly. So here are the top features of Facebook’s ads manager that you’ll probably think were hidden, but have been right under your nose this whole time.


If you’ve been dabbling in Facebook ads for a while now, then you’ve probably asked yourself at one point or another why your ads aren’t working. Well, you might just be right. However, did you know that you can access a heap of information concerning your ads that will let you know why they didn’t hit the mark? Enter ‘breakdown’. This awesome feature will certainly help you ameliorate your subsequent ads.

Simply go to the Ads Manager and then click on a button at the top right called ‘Breakdown.’ You’ll get a dropdown with plenty of options where you can make a selection. In fact, here are some of the ones you should really focus on:

  • Age- You can know which age group(s) your ads attracted and the most ideal client for your funeral business. Don’t be surprised to see middle-aged to elderly people being your most suitable age group. In fact, if this is so, then you’re probably doing something right.
  • Placement- Placement simply means the places where your ads are being viewed e.g. mobile or desktop. Here, you can be able to see where your ads perform the best.
  • Day of the week- You’ve got to know which day that your ads are performing abysmally and when they are doing great. Could it be a case of the Monday blues? To find out, simply head to ‘By Time>Day’. This awesome feature also allows you to switch off your ads on specific days when they are not performing so great.

Stock Images

Tired of searching everywhere for the perfect image to add to your ad (pun intended)? Plus you’re not feeling that philanthropic today to buy a stock photo. No worries, Shutterstock’s got your back. You can find thousands of images available and free for commercial use. All you have to do is simply go the Ads Manager and then to the ‘Create Ad’ button located at the top right. Proceed to the Ad level and you will see ‘Free Stock Images.’

Now, just type the keyword that’s related to your funeral business and you’ll get images available for your ad. You can select up to six images for your ad which you can later do split testing with. Here are a few things you’ve got to keep in mind however:

  • It’s vital that you still follow suit on Facebook’s guidelines of including text in sections of the image. Remember, Facebook will penalize you if you include too much text in your images.
  • Ensure that the images are the correct size for the type of ad that you are going to advertise. Which then takes as to our next feature….

Cropping Images

One thing you’ve got to understand is that there are different ads, which then require different types of image sizes.

When you use the correct image size, this accentuates your ad and makes it look picturesque on any placement, whether mobile or desktop. All you have to do is click on the image and you’ll see the ‘crop image’ icon located at the bottom.

Creating an Image Slideshow

So you might have a couple of images that you’d love to incorporate to your ad; because as you know, one is never enough! If creating a video is not your forte, then you can always opt to create a super-awesome slideshow with the Ads manager. All you have to do is click on Slideshow in Ad level and the click on the ‘Create Slideshow’ located at the bottom.

After that, you can click on ‘Add Photos’ in order to select the images that you want. Feel free to add music to the slideshow via the royalty-free music that’s on the platform or you can upload your own as long as you have the right to use it.

And voila! You can now gear your Facebook ads for your funeral home to be more efficient. And with a little help from 4SpotMarketing, we can add the extra final touches to make it perfect. Why not book a free consultation with us today? It will certainly be a game-changer for you!

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