Infusionsoft Ecommerce Solutions: A great option for selling your products and services

No matter what marketing niche you specialize in, it’s a given that at some point in time, you’ll want to expand and sell your products and services online. Because let’s face it; it’s one heck of a goldmine! E-commerce is an ever-growing business; and investing in it is one sure way of reaping profits.

However, it’s vital that we go at it the right way. Initially, businesses used to spend hefty coding fees to get their stores created by professionals. In fact, SMEs really bore the brunt of such a setup, suffering massive financial dents due to all the exorbitant fees that they had to pay! In the end, most of them opted to fall back to traditional methods of selling their products; that is by mail or receiving orders over the phone.

Infusionsoft helps change all that

Thankfully, the evolution of online technology has brought the likes of Infusionsoft into the ecommerce world; allowing small businesses to utilize their e-commerce components. These can further be integrated seamlessly with other aspects of online promotion such as email marketing, automation, and CRM.

That being said, let’s have a look at some of the ways through which Infusionsoft can help you sell online

  1. Manual Entry- This is by far the least rigorous method to use. In fact, you can have it set up and running in no time! All you need to do is simply key in all the payment particulars for every transaction that’s been made. For example, suppose you record all your payment details on paper after taking orders via phone. Simply do all the data entry to get all the content into the Infusionsoft engine, and you’re all good. However, one vital weakness of this method is that is there is very little automation that takes place. We recommend you use it if your business does not get that many orders.
  2. Online order forms– This is one of the most widely used online selling strategies out there. Order forms are simply web forms that are filled out by customers online to include important aspects regarding the order. This could be details of the purchase, payment information, as well as shipping. The best thing about this method is that it relies heavily on automation, which is awesome in terms of productivity. In fact, orders can happen automatically without you lifting a finger!

Infusionsoft allows you to use order forms for your customers to make one-time purchases and get ongoing subscriptions.

  1. Online stores- The online store environment is categorized into two parts; one of them being the storefront while the other is the shopping cart. Now the storefront is where images of your products and services are availed to customers, with detailed product descriptions. On the other hand, the shopping cart is where you have the items available for purchase; of which can be directed for a checkout. So you definitely need both aspects for your consumers to be able to successfully purchase a product. Now with Infusionsoft, you have two options available for your selection; and you can select one or the other depending on the complexity of your online operation. First of all, you can still use your existing storefront, then further use Infusionsoft shopping cart components. Secondly, you can take advantage of both Infusionsoft’s storefront and shopping cart. Whatever choice you make, keep in mind that you have the freedom to customize and integrate it to your online store.
  2. API Programming- If you don’t have the heart and muscle to do some hefty programming, then this option probably won’t be your bread and butter. In fact, this route is a go-to choice for businesses that already have a complex ecommerce store set up. So for businesses that are just setting up their stores for the first time, perhaps you should take a look the aforementioned options.

Our parting shot

In summary, Infusionsoft helps you to wholly customize your e-commerce experience, making it seamless for both you and your customers. Hence, if you’d love to be at the forefront on how to comprehensively tailor your online store, get in touch with us here at 4SpotMarketing today and book yourself a free Infusionsoft consultation!

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