How to Launch a Facebook Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing allows us to display an advertisement to Facebook users that have, at some point, visited our website or certain content. Facebook Remarketing is a tool that can multiply the effectivity of our Facebook advertisement, increasing the CTR up to 3 or 4 times more, reducing cost and increasing clicks to our website and even client conversion.

Why you should use Facebook Remarketing

The main reason to use is that you can greatly reduce costs and reach an audience that has already shown interest in your products or services, which can help increase your sales. Also, statistics show that most visitors don’t buy on their first visit, which is why it’s important to recapture their attention. Additionally, it keeps your brand or product present in the visitors’ mind, it can help recover purchase processes that weren’t completed and it allows you to cross sell, meaning you can show a customer a product that complements one they have recently bought.


You can create a Facebook Remarketing Campaign on your own. However, many people fail to target the correct audience or use incorrect techniques to attract these potential customers. This means that your investment is wasted in failed attempts. Our experienced team can help create an effective Facebook Remarketing campaign that will bring back those potential customers and continue to to attract existing customers, providing more bang for your buck.

Create a personalized audience

Before you start a Facebook remarketing campaign you need to tell Facebook how to know which users visit your website. To do this, create a list of personalized audiences. These are lists of audience segmented according to demographic, geographic and behavioral criteria.


For example, some options are to segment public according to the people who have visited a specific article in your blog, subscribed to a newsletter, added a specific product to their cart but didn’t finish the order, or visitors who have bought a specific product.

Install Facebook’s pixel in your website

In order for Facebook to track your audience and their behaviour on your website, some cookies need to be installed in our web browser, in Facebook’s case, this cookie is called pixel. It’s function is to follow the users’ behaviour on your website and save this information for later use in the advertisement segmentation, and that is when Facebook’s code starts working. This pixel must be inserted in your website, between the <head> tags in your code.

Create an ad or remarketing campaign

Before creating a Facebook remarketing advertisement, it’s best to let a few hours or days go by (depending on your website’s visitor count) so the tracking pixel can collect a considerable amount of data. When the audience is big enough you can create the campaign. You can then proceed to create an advertisement as you normally would.


Here at 4SpotMarketing we can work on creating the perfect remarketing campaign that can help visitors complete that unfinished purchase or turn one-time customers into recurring customers by keeping your brand in their minds. We can create a large scale user engagement and content remarketing campaign to optimize your website. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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