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How Do You Learn WordPress?

WordPress is like a storm that hit the web and brought ease on the side of clients and builders both. As more and more people are becoming dedicated users of this software, a survey highlighted the best way to learn it. It comes as no surprise that the maximum percentage of learning comes from online text and screenshot. The main reason being the constancy and updated knowledge that the web offers. Video tutorials follow close at hand as there are a lot of people who examined your difficulties beforehand and they give you sure shot answers to almost all the doubts whether or not they involve wordpress. Books seemed to be lagging behind because of the obvious reasons. Web is more attractive visually and its top position is well explained by the human tendency to learn through pictures and texts and remember them for longer. A lot of people would still keep books on top because they sure serve as reliable and anytime available resources but all of these factors depending on an individual’s choice.

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