Ground rules to make your Jewelry Store Website professional

A website’s success doesn’t only rely on compelling design or valuable content. It also needs to have a certain style that accommodates to your users so they can go through an experience that is functional and easy to understand. This is particularly important for Jewelry Stores, since all the focus should be on your product.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case, that is the visitor browsing your products through the screen. There are many different styles and you obviously won’t be able to cater to all of them but you should still follow some ground rules when thinking about your Jewelry Store website’s appearance.

Make sure your homepage is minimalistic and clutter-free

Most internet users lightly scan pages, focusing on keywords and sentences rather than reading multiple blocks of content. Thus, it’s more beneficial to your Jewelry Store Website if you use large images that appeal to emotions rather than many sentences to be read. Calls to action and text will still be necessary but they should be adequately separated using headings or subheadings.

Establish a clear visual hierarchy

Your website only has a few seconds to get the visitor’s attention and keep them on the site so they can buy your jewelry products. If a clear visual hierarchy is established on your site, visitors will inadvertently follow the path you have created for them. Use size, contrast, spacing and color to accentuate your hierarchy depending on what elements you want to draw attention to. Identifying these elements might be hard to accomplish individually so your website might actually push visitors away, which is why we can help you design your website and identify the important elements for you while you focus on selling your product.

Your content should be easy to read

When your site is easy to read, users will easily and efficiently scan your site and take in the information presented. To achieve this you should focus on keeping a good contrast between your text and your background, using readable font sizes and font families (serif of sans serif), and not using too many different font types so the website doesn’t look cluttered.

Keep your navigation simple

Even if you want to make your website avant-garde, make sure you don’t apply that to your navigation as well. Visitors should be able to easily locate your navigation without having to wander through your website. This will also help search engines index your content.


You might be looking into creating a website for your Jewelry Store or improving your current one. Many people make the mistake of using free platforms for this and doing it on their own, however, you get what you pay for. This means that your website might exist but it will never see any visitors or convert visitors into customers because they won’t stay long enough if they’re not comfortable around your site or they won’t take your business seriously because the design looks unprofessional. Our experienced team can make sure your investment turns into profit, instead of becoming wasted dollars due to poor design. Reach out to us to turn your website into an asset for your Jewelry Store.


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