Facebook Ads (general – not industry specific)

Publicity and marketing are always changing and evolving as new technologies and means of communication continue to emerge and become more important in our culture. At first it happened with the radio and television, and more recently: the internet.


At the end of the day, the most important element to make a business grow is acquiring clients. And to attract these clients, it’s crucial to have a planned marketing and publicity campaign.


With the exponential growth of Facebook’s popularity and user count, its advertising system is one of the best options to announce your business online.

How do Facebook Ads work?

You have probably noticed advertisements on your newsfeed or on the sidebar of your profile. These are some of the formats that can be used on Facebook and that you can use to advertise your product or service.


Facebook Ads allows you to create text and images through an interface where you can segment the target audience by age, location, sex, occupation, different interests and more.


One of the biggest advantages of this platform is the large number of variables we can use to decide who is shown our ads. Considering how Facebook has various types of data from its users (e.g. age, hometown, hobbies and places they visit), it’s possible to use all these data to create specific advertisements.


Facebook also allows you to customize the objective of your campaign depending on what you want to accomplish. All these options make the platform one of the most powerful due to its variety of options, objectives and the millions of users that can be reached.

How to create an advertisement

Creating an advertisement on Facebook can be organized into three main phases:

1. Advertisement Type

This is where you can decide the type of advertisement you want to create according to the goal you wish to accomplish. This will depend on the results you’re looking to obtain through the campaign. The objectives can be: promoting your publication or page, attracting people to your website, increase the numbers of attendees to an event, generate potential clients for your business and more. Some objectives are clear in regards to what they will accomplish (though still important to have a preset goal), however, objectives such as “promoting your publication or page” are somewhat vague. This means that if you haven’t quite defined your goals, this is the same as throwing your money away.

2. Advertisement Group

In the second phase you can define the target audience, budget and schedule. Defining your target audience is one of the most important steps, which is why it’s important to study your target market and have a defined persona. This can be saved for later use. Once your audience is defined, you must define your budget so your campaign runs continuously or within a set date. After entering the budget, Facebook brings options to help you choose your advertisement schedule.


Pinpointing your target audience and choosing the right budget allocation are critical steps, where most people end up losing a lot of money when they try to do it themselves. Our experienced team will help save you those wasted dollars and turn them into profits, instead.

3. Create the Advertisement

This is one of the most important pillars in Facebook Ads. If you have used Google AdWords, this will seem familiar, since it’s where you add both the image and content of the ad. Make sure this is well-fitted to the audience you’re looking to target through the campaign. Most of the times, it’s difficult to put the ad together yourself, since this is the content that your audience will see and use to decide if they want to use your business, which means it must translate into  actual clicks and possible client conversion. We can do this for you to guarantee the best content possible. Once you have a finished ad, the request is submitted and you just have to wait for Facebook to approve it and start seeing the results.


As you can see, Facebook is an excellent platform to promote any type of business or internet project. Start by creating a Facebook Ads account and you can certainly manage it on your own, but many people end up wasting a lot of money this way. To obtain the best results out of your investment, reach out to our experienced team to get quality assessment that can make the most of your Facebook Ads campaign.

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