Exploring Divi 2.4: A FREE Library Pack Built From Everything We’ve Learned in the Divi 2.4 Blog Series

The latest version of the web design tool kit, Divi is almost as good as new. Divi 2.4 has been such a big upgrade with innumerable new features. This is the 13th post of a 2-week long mini blog series created to bring users up to scratch on Divi 2.4. This post has a full page demo to cover many of the new features.

To read the full article, click on this link: http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/exploring-divi-2-4-a-free-layout-pack-built-from-everything-weve-learned-in-the-divi-2-4-blog-series

Originally posted 2017-10-06 05:11:20.