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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About WordPress Domain Mapping

WordPress has eliminated the word “restrictions” from a dev’s vocabulary as everything that seemed a distant dream for a developer in the past is now a reality. Domain mapping is adding a link to your webpage that takes you to another page which is hosted somewhere else. With its arrival, the developer has the power to choose which page or blog or content the user will see once he opens his website. This thing helps the user is clearly getting the site’s services and the builder to spread his message. The whole process of redirecting is short and easy and takes roughly around 72 hours. All that needs to be done is go to WordPress.org and register for free, type the address of your old domain and get a new URL that is ready to fascinate the users with a whole new WordPress experience. The subdomains and multisites are other aspects but once you have the assistance of the right kind of people; domain mapping is the transformation everyone is looking for.

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