Displaying Content in your Vape Shop’s Web Design

No two vape shops are alike, since they don’t have exactly the same products. There’s an unlimited number of tanks, building supplies, mods, e-liquids and more than no one can expect one store to have them all. A well-designed website can help your potential customers find out what your products are before visiting your physical location (if you have one).


Your website will be available to both existing and potential customers 24/7 (unlike your physical employees). Your website is the permanent employee of the month. If an internet browser checks your website before visiting your physical store, your website can help enhance the experience since they will get a general idea of the product you sell and what your store is like. This is why it’s important to make sure you have a high-quality web design that converts these potential customers into actual buyers.

Structure Your Content

Since all this content will be displayed on a website, you need to make sure it is structured for online reading. Visitors usually judge websites in less than 5 seconds, if it isn’t appealing they will move on and forget your site. You might have great products and content but users aren’t staying long enough to realize that. Over here at 4SpotMarketing we can help you correct your content’s structure to make sure these visitors aren’t running out and into your competitors’ website.

Use Large Fonts to Improve Readability

The first step to improve readability is increasing your font-size. Your text should be large enough that users are able to easily and comfortably read your content on every device and mobile platform they use. This is also a benefit for senior customers. Nowadays, seniors are more used to technology than they were before, which means you might have senior vape users within your customer or potential customer base. These visitors will most likely still be affected by vision degradation, so choosing a larger font size will make your website’s content easier to read for them.

Improve Comprehension using White Space

Make sure your website design leaves enough empty space (or white space) in the margins and padding between paragraphs of your content. Leaving white space greatly increases reading comprehension since it delimits the different paragraphs and keeps the area free of distractions.

Break Up Larger Chunks of Text

If your content looks like a wall of text, then readers will not find it appealing and will simply run back to the search results. If you’ve written a great informative article, it needs to be broken up into smaller blocks so it’s easier on the eyes and visitors are most likely to read it. Keep your paragraphs short and use multimedia to keep readers engaged.


These guidelines can be used to help improve your website’s appearance, but they take a lot of time, experience and investment in order to actually see a difference, and if done improperly you will see this investment go to waste. Our experienced 4SpotMarketing team can help you create great content, improve existing content and structure it correctly. We have several years of experience designing websites that attract visitors, engage existing visitors and convert potential customers into actual sales. Contact us today for a free consultation

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