Difference Between GoDaddy WordPress Hosting and Linux Hosting

I’ve seen several blog posts regarding the differences between the new GoDaddy WordPress Hosting and the traditional cPanel Linux Hosting.

Since the WP hosting appeared to be custom built for WordPress, I decided to install a new client site on that.  After installation, the site seemed to be moving much faster than the traditional cPanel Linux hosting that I’ve used with them.

HOWEVER — when you use the WP hosting that they provide, they limit what you can do with your site. I use a sitemap generator, W3 Total Cache for caching and CDN support, and a backup system — all three are on the ‘blacklist’ of plugins that the system will not permit to be installed.

The list for the blacklisted plugins is here:

So, I went back to the shared cPanel Linux hosting so that I could have more control over my site.

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