Ghost vs WordPress: Is it Time to Make the Switch?


Ghost is one of the leading platform  among the new breed of WordPress competitors focusing primarily on blogging, reasoning that Wordpress has become a general purpose and pretty complicated CMS. Is WordPress at peril and is Ghost any better? Here is a thorough review and the takeaway for WordPress and its users. To read the [...]

A Quick and Easy Guide To Creating Admin Pages


How effectively a plugin works will depend on how the settings have been tuned. Find out in this easy guide how to create your own custom admin pages to boost the performance of plugins. To read the full article, click on this link:

How Do You Learn WordPress?


Wordpress is like a storm that hit the web and brought ease on the side of clients and builders both. As more and more people are becoming dedicated users of this software, a survey highlighted the best way to learn it. It comes as no surprise that the maximum percentage of learning comes from online [...]

Adding Custom Routes to the WordPress REST API


WordPress REST API has become popular mostly for querying the default routes. However, in reality, it is not just a single API, but the base for a large number of APIs, and in fact, from which you can create your own APIs. Though the WordPress REST API is adding a useful set of default routes [...]

The History of WordPress: A Look Back at the World’s Favorite CMS


From its humble beginnings, WordPress has come such a long way in the past twelve years that Matt Mullenweg's goal of 50% market share doesn't look that far fetched. This article curates the history of this enormously successful content management platform. To read the full article, click on this link: