The Tuts+ Guide to Template Tags: Introduction


This is the first part of a series on The Tuts+ Guide to Template Tags. Template tags are one of the oldest and fundamental features of WordPress. These PHP functions make customization and dynamic display of information possible. To read the full article, click on this link:



The time is long gone when the blogs popularized only because of the written wonders inside them. Now-a-days the whole design and the layout of the write-up matters not only to the readers but the bloggers as well. With the advent of wordpress, professionalism is available free of cost.  The themes offered by this amazing [...]

Should Client or Builder Buy Themes and Plugins?


This question comes in handy whenever a wordpress site is being built andperusing the two aspects, it really is a matter that depends vastly on person to person. There are a lot of clients that feel that the entire responsibility of building, maintaining and hosting lies in the hands of the builder and so they [...]

How to Select the Right WordPress Theme


Don't let the title make you believe that this is yet another tutorial to help you choose the ideal theme. This one doesn't even list out themes. What it does is to help you gain an understanding of what a theme buyer and seller expects. Knowing the others' viewpoint can make the theme marketplace a [...]