16 05, 2022

How to Fix "WordPress Post Content Not Showing"

2022-05-16T15:16:24-07:00Tech Tips, Website Design, WordPress|

Several times now I have had an issue where I have worked with a client (or my own) WordPress website and had an issue where the blog post title would show on the blog page, but no excerpt would show … and then when I went [...]

19 04, 2022

Importance of Mobile-Friendly Web Design for your Jewelry Store Website

2022-04-19T11:06:11-07:00Jewelry Store Marketing, needs featured image, Website Design|

Both your customers and potential customers tend to rely on their mobile gadgets for more than just communicating with peers. Nowadays, a great number of website visits and online purchases are made through a mobile device. Many of the customers looking to buy your unique pieces [...]

8 03, 2022

Enhanced WordPress Site Maintenance Features

2022-03-08T02:21:38-07:00Website Design, WordPress|

4Spot Marketing offers customers a comprehensive WordPress site maintenance package at a very competitive price.  Our traditional WordPress maintenance program inlcuded: Complete backup of the entire site Regular back-ups of the database Regular optimization of the database Updates of all WordPress core files Updates of all [...]

6 03, 2022

Another Jewelry Industry Marketing Success Story

2022-03-06T02:08:19-07:00Jewelry Store Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Success, Success Stories, Website Design, WordPress|

Well, we did it again! We have another jeweler website that has jumped by leaps and bounds right after launch. Here is a website for a retail jeweler in Florida.  We created a new Google-optimized website for them.  We made it go live, and less than [...]

4 03, 2022

Search Ranks in Google Skyrocket When New Jewelry Website Launched!

2022-03-04T01:38:45-07:00Internet Marketing, Jewelry Store Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, WordPress|

Lots of companies can talk about how their websites are optimized for Google search.  We show you the proof! We recently launched a new, Google-optimized website for one of our jewelry clients.  Prior to the launch, they only had 8 phrases that ranked in the top [...]

2 03, 2022

Best Practices for your Jewelry Store’s Ecommerce Website Design

2022-03-02T08:53:02-07:00eCommerce, Jewelry Store Marketing, needs featured image, Website Design|

If you think about the last time you bought something online, were you purposely aware of the website’s design? If the design was done properly, you most likely weren’t. The design stood back and let the products take the spotlight, quietly making your buying experience more [...]


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