20 09, 2022

Best Backup WordPress Plugins According to 21 Pros

2022-09-19T19:58:35-07:00UsingWP, WordPress Plugins|

There are many plugins out there for backing up WordPress sites. But which are the best among them? This post gives the answers from the horses' mouths. 21 professional bloggers and developers share with us their favourite backup services. To read the full article, click on [...]

16 09, 2022

Video Backgrounds for WordPress: When and How to Add Them to Your Website


Thinking of using videos as background in your WordPress site? Not a bad idea as this trend is still in vogue. Learn when, where and how to apply this effective attention grabber. Also find where to find relevant files. To read the full article, click on [...]

13 09, 2022

The Top 3 WordPress Caching Plugins Compared and Choosing the Best One

2022-09-13T13:58:40-07:00UsingWP, WordPress Plugins|

A lag in your website to load a page could be all it takes for a visitor to turn back. Hence it is important to assure that your site loads as fast as possible and caching is of great help here. The 3 best caching plugins [...]

28 07, 2022

Looking For Suggestions On Search Engine Optimization? Look No Further!

2022-07-27T19:53:50-07:00SEO, UsingWP|

A website is practically pointless if nobody can find is useless to have. You want your site to sit atop search engine results. You need to understand how the search engines rank websites if you want good results. The following advice can boost your rankings via [...]

26 07, 2022

A History of WP Security Exploits and What They Mean For Your Site


WordPress has had to often encounter serious security threats, but what keeps it afloat is the swift action it takes to counteract and improve. This hard-earned reputation means a lot to every WordPress user. At the same time, it is important to know how these security [...]


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