12 05, 2022

17 Simple Marketing Tips and Tools to Boost Your WordPress Business


It is not just enough to create the WordPress site for your business. Equally essential is to consistently market it to bring success to your endeavor. Smart marketing strategies can take you to great heights. Here is the post perfect for you to implement just that, [...]

6 05, 2022

The Simple Psychology That Will Increase Your WordPress Site Conversions by 110%


It has now become commonplace to give some offer in return of joining the mailing list on websites. However that is a one-time dead-end engagement with your audience. Getting to know a bit of behavioral psychology and implementing a  simple modification to this idea, viz., offering [...]

16 04, 2022

WP TogetherJS Plugin Adds Real Time Collaboration to WordPress

2022-04-15T02:52:51-07:00UsingWP, WordPress Plugins|

If you have had enough of frustrating sessions of real time screen sharing for troubleshooting a client's issues or collaborative discussions, WP TogetherJS comes as a welcome relief. It is a very straightforward plugin for real time collaboration, with all the essential features such as screen [...]

19 03, 2022

11 Simple Tools for Managing and Selling Digital Downloads with WordPress


If your site has a lot of digital resources available for users to download, there are some really good plugins out there to manage the free or paid downloading scenarios. They help you in getting audience to access the download links and eventually in successful commercialization. [...]


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