Facebook Advertising for Funeral Homes


Finding the right avenue for funeral home advertisement can be a tough decision sometimes. Using targeted advertising on Facebook is an extremely powerful way to open up unlimited opportunities so that forward thinking funeral homes can grow their brand, reach out to more members of their community and sometimes even generate leads.   Getting Familiar [...]

Our Hosting Provider Earns Prestigious Amazon Classification


WP Engine has recently become the only WordPress solution to attain an Amazon Web Service (AWS) Industry Competency in Marketing and Commerce for demonstrating the breadth and quality of its cloud-based solution in delivering eCommerce solutions and helping developers and marketers manage and publish WordPress digital experiences. Companies receiving this prestigious designation must possess deep expertise [...]

Our Hosting Provider blocked 4 Billion Attacks Last Month


SECURITY Did you know that last month alone, WP Engine blocked over 4 billion attacks for our customers? Security is one of the many reasons customers choose WP Engine as their digital experience platform. We give you peace of mind knowing that we’ve got a full team of WordPress professionals protecting you and your visitors’ digital [...]

Having The Most Out Of Your Fresh IPad


Generating you that iPad work is the greatest concept, although simply having an iPad is attractive. This informative article includes a plethora of suggestions, methods, clues, methods, guidance and tactics that may change your iPad into a genuine workhorse from the pretty plaything. Continue reading to master all-you may. You need to checkout any options [...]

Tips And Tricks To Get More Memory


When attempting to commit information into your long-term memory, see to it you are in a location with absolutely no interruptions. It takes real interest to move details from short-term to long-lasting memory, and a distracting environment can make the task almost difficult. Avoid areas where there are televisions, radios, crowds or lots of visual [...]

How to Switch Off WordPress Email Updates and Eliminate Inbox Overload


If you are managing more than a couple of WordPress sites, you will be mostly overwhelmed by the number of core update notification mails bombarding your inbox. However it is easy to turn them off by these simple methods. To read the full article, click on this link: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/turn-off-notifications/?dsh=1&utm_expid=3606929-40.lszTaIEzTbifDhvhVdd39A.1&mc_cid=5762e3926b&mc_eid=1325ccf02b

WordPress vs. Drupal: Selecting the Best


Like any sibling rivalry, WordPress and Drupal have been competing to be the best content management system (CMS) ever since their ‘births’ in 2001 (Drupal) and 2003 (WordPress). While both considered being very good website creation tools, they have different strengths. While WordPress may be more popular with over 140 million downloads, Drupal is more multi-faceted, [...]