Increasing Facebook Brand Awareness Part 1: Audience Demographics and Persona Targeting

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Frequently, when fellow marketers discuss Facebook brand awareness, you might hear them mention the term ‘vanity metrics’ here and there, and how the ideal focus should be on conversions. And hearing this, it might hit you hard that initially your focus was shifted towards the bottom of the funnel. A chain of unnecessary thoughts then [...]

Gmail IMAP Subfolders not syncing with Mac Mail – SOLVED

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Wow!  I just ended two weeks of frustration with a simple fix ... CAPITALIZATION! I had been using an older, but still powerful Asus Laptop (8GB RAM, Core i7 Processor) with Windows 10 and Outlook 20XX (probably 12, not sure).  Everything was slowing down, so I made the big jump to a new 13" MacBook [...]

Budgeting for SEO in 2018

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Now that the new year is here, marketers and optimizers have started to work on figuring their 2018 budget goals. Search engine optimizations has recently had so many changes to its requirements and strategies, coming up with an exact dollar amount may be quite difficult. We will take a look back to see how SEO [...]

6 Helpful AdWords Tips for a Successful New Year

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With 2018 just a few days away, explore the updates anticipated for the New Year. Adding these tips to your list of business resolutions will help you get a head start on your upcoming marketing strategies. Accomplish more in less time. Smart Bidding has been added to help marketers bid both more efficiently and effectively. [...]

Turn Off Related Videos in WordPress

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WordPress 4.0 has been released and it has a lot of great features.  Embedding content has become much easier and doesn’t require the use of a plugin.  Video embeds are probably going to be the most common items embedded, particularly YouTube videos. When I embedded my first YouTube video on a client site using the [...]

How to Fix "WordPress Post Content Not Showing"

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Several times now I have had an issue where I have worked with a client (or my own) WordPress website and had an issue where the blog post title would show on the blog page, but no excerpt would show … and then when I went into the blog post the content would not show [...]

How to Clear Your Browser Cache

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Thanks for reading my section on Tech Tips and inquiring about step-by-step infomrmation on how to clear the cache in your browser or smart phone.  I found some great resources that will help you understand, in step-by-step fashion, how to clean out the cache from your browser and speed up your Internet browsing experience. Simply [...]

Over 100 New Domain Extensions Being Released

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CANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the governing body responsible for allocating generic top level domains (gTLDs).  These are the .com, .net, .org, etc. extensions that fall behind the domain name that you have chosen. As of today, there are only 22 options for your gTLD.  In the coming weeks, there will [...]

Getting In Tech Shape in 2014 | Jewelry Business Advisor

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Our President, Jeff Arnold, wrote a great article on how to get your computer in ‘tech shape’ this year.  He featured three great software programs for cleaning out and speeding up your computer. You can read the article online at the Jewelry Business Advisor website. Getting In Tech Shape in 2014 | Jewelry Business Advisor.