9 05, 2022

Jewelry SEO Success: Punchmark Website Skyrockets on Google

2022-05-09T13:53:31-07:00Jewelry Store Marketing, SEO Success, Success Stories|

Once again, we have dramatically helped boost a client's website rankings with our jewelry SEO services.  This client had a Punchmark website. Jewelry SEO Success Punchmark is one of the leading jewelry website providers, so we found it very important to make sure that we could [...]

8 05, 2022

SEO Success with New Google-Friendly WordPress Website

2022-05-08T00:52:53-07:00Jewelry Store Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Success, Success Stories|

There are thousands of website design firms in this country, and a select handful that specialize in the jewelry industry.  We are able to perform search engine optimization services for all of these sites. Here is an example of the SEO success that we’ve had with [...]

30 04, 2022

SEO Success: SEO for Vapor Shops and Smoke Shops

2022-04-29T16:52:54-07:00SEO Success, Success Stories, Vapor and Smoke Shops|

The first question we always seem to receive when we talk to a new prospective client is "How long will it take before I see SEO results?"  When you do SEO for vapor shops (or any other industry, for that matter), it is impossible to guarantee [...]

6 04, 2022

Funeral Home SEO Success Story

2022-04-06T18:52:51-07:00Funeral Home Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Success, Success Stories|

Here is a quick update to show the success that we’ve had on a funeral home website.  These results are only after about a month of work on the site. The numbers in black are the #1 Google Rankings, and the numbers in green show the [...]

6 03, 2022

Another Jewelry Industry Marketing Success Story

2022-03-06T02:08:19-07:00Jewelry Store Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Success, Success Stories, Website Design, WordPress|

Well, we did it again! We have another jeweler website that has jumped by leaps and bounds right after launch. Here is a website for a retail jeweler in Florida.  We created a new Google-optimized website for them.  We made it go live, and less than [...]

25 01, 2022

SEO for Vape Shops – Success Story

2022-01-25T20:56:02-07:00SEO Success, Smoke and Vapor Shop Websites, Success Stories|

SEO is a critical component to a vape shop's online marketing.  Google bans the advertising of vape shops and vaping products since they are classified as 'tobacco' products, so the only way you can be sure to have a presence in the search engines is [...]