How to effectively use the SEO Yoast Plugin

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The Yoast SEO plugin has inevitably revolutionized how we write online content for our blogs. For starters, it measures a myriad of metrics and aspects of the way that we write text. The plugin consists of two parts. The first one is the SEO section and the second one is readability. The great thing about [...]

3 Steps to Start using SEO on your Funeral Home Website

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When someone uses a search engine to look for funeral homes or related services, the search engine will start running an algorithm that decides which websites match the terms used, according to similarity and relevance. This information is taken from text, alternative tags on photos, URLs, headers and other on-page elements on your website.   [...]

Here’s how to create that flawless SEO Title Tag

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For most of us, we think that crafting a great SEO title tag is a piece of cake. Besides, it’s close to impossible to make a mess of them, right? Truthfully speaking, we normally fail to realize the full potential of our title tags and how they can inevitably improve our SEO. Today, I thought [...]

Important Aspects to Improve your Vape Shop’s SEO

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If you have a physical Vape Shop, you’re most likely not generating much of your revenue through your website. Maybe the only reason why you created a website was because you thought you “had to” have one. So why should you even optimize your Vape Shop’s SEO if all your sales are coming from your [...]

Strategies to improve SEO for Jewelry Stores

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SEO is crucial to your website in order to attract customers and clientele, this is particularly important for Jewelry Stores. It doesn’t matter if your website has a physical location or is solely online-based, you need to make sure internet browsers can locate your website either way.   There are multiple strategies to build and [...]

SEO – Important Factors to Improve Positioning

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As you may know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which consists of applying some on-page and off-page techniques to a website with the purpose of optimizing your website’s visibility in search engine’s organic search results.   It’s important to improve your website’s position in a search engine because rarely will a person visit a [...]

SEO (general – not industry specific)


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely important in order to get you website in the first pages of every search engine. It’s not only about optimizing one or two pages that might be more important, but about optimizing the entire website to make sure it appears in search results. The first step is choosing the [...]

Black Hat SEO Strategies

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Black Hat SEO Strategies- Why it’s a no-go zone for jewelry stores today ‘As human beings, we’re wired to overreach’- so quipped the famous Eddie Mourra in the 2011 hit movie, Limitless. It’s crystal clear that Eddie (Bradly Cooper) was onto something when he said these words. In fact, analyzing this statement deeper, Eddie was [...]