12 09, 2022

Emoji’s In Keap: How to Add Emoji’s in Keap Subject Lines

2022-09-11T11:58:37-07:00Keap Consulting, needs featured image|

Penetrating the consumer market for the first time can be a pretty bumpy ride for any startup, coupled with a number of hiccups here and there. That’s why for newly-found businesses, uniqueness is a must-have trait. Why is this so? Because in today’s volatile market, you’ve [...]

10 09, 2022

Email Automation for Small Businesses

2022-09-10T14:27:03-07:00Business Automation, Email Marketing, needs featured image|

Email marketing still remains at the top of the list for effective marketing channels available for small business today, but it continues to evolve. While newsletters and single one-time campaigns still hold a spot in your marketing strategy, more innovative companies are beginning to implement automatic [...]

6 09, 2022

Internal Check for Spam Entries Using PlusThis

2022-09-06T13:33:35-07:00Keap Consulting, needs featured image|

So this is um the campaign that's gonna check for spam entries this is gonna check for those spam entries that come through that have you know first names and last names that are all numbers and letters like five nine blah blah [...]

2 09, 2022

Best Practices for your Jewelry Store’s Ecommerce Website Design

2022-09-02T12:50:11-07:00eCommerce, Jewelry Store Marketing, needs featured image, Website Design|

If you think about the last time you bought something online, were you purposely aware of the website’s design? If the design was done properly, you most likely weren’t. The design stood back and let the products take the spotlight, quietly making your buying experience more [...]

31 08, 2022

WordPress Hosting SSL Whitepaper

2022-08-31T12:23:06-07:00needs featured image, WordPress Hosting|

Wordpress Hosting SSL Whitepaper Thanks for your interest in this whitepaper.  We are sure that you will find it very informative. WPEngine is the premier host of WordPress websites.  Built from the ground up to hosting WordPress, and only WordPress, they have the best hosting [...]

28 08, 2022

Vape Shop SEO: Success Story

2022-08-28T11:38:36-07:00needs featured image, Search Engine Optimization, Smoke and Vapor Shop Websites, Vapor and Smoke Shops|

With Google banning vape-related advertising Google AdWords, organic search rankings have become extremely important.  Here is a quick overview on the SEO success with a vape shop website that we've had. When they started with us, they had a Lightspeed ecommerce platform website.  We started doing [...]


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