Ground rules to make your Jewelry Store Website professional


A website’s success doesn’t only rely on compelling design or valuable content. It also needs to have a certain style that accommodates to your users so they can go through an experience that is functional and easy to understand. This is particularly important for Jewelry Stores, since all the focus should be on your product. [...]

Website Design for Jewelry Stores


As a jewelry store owner, the purpose of your website is to attract potential buyers. This will be the main purpose for both an online-based store and physical-location only store. Not having a proper website could put you at risk of missing out on potential sales. Why do you need a website for your Jewelry [...]

The top six essential keyword categories every online jewelry store should know!

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The top six essential keyword categories every online jewelry store should know! When your business deals with high-end clients, being specific is something that needs to be part of your arsenal. That’s because you are dealing with busy people; who are perhaps in the middle of sealing deals worth millions of dollars that day! So [...]

Another Jewelry Industry Marketing Success Story

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Well, we did it again! We have another jeweler website that has jumped by leaps and bounds right after launch with Jewelry Industry Marketing. Here is a website for a retail jeweler in Florida.  We created a new Google-optimized website for them.  We made it go live, and less than a week later they had [...]

Search Ranks in Google Skyrocket When New Jewelry Website Launched!

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Lots of companies can talk about how their websites are optimized for Google search.  We show you the proof! We recently launched a new, Google-optimized website for one of our jewelry clients.  Prior to the launch, they only had 8 phrases that ranked in the top 100 in Google’s search results, and only 4 of [...]

Customer Review: Thank you Jeff for creating a beautiful website for us!


Here is a review that Ilana just posted to Google about working with us. Thank you Jeff for creating a beautiful website for us! If we could give you 6 stars, we would! Jeff is a talented web designer and helped us tremendously.

Testimonial: Jeweler Loves Their New Website


4 Spot marketing just completed our website and I am very happy with results... Jeff worked closely with me and made all of the changes that I bothered him everyday with.. He was easy to work with and we are still working with little things I want to add or change and he completes them [...]

Customer Review: I’m a huge fan of Jeff and 4Spot

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We've been working with Richard and Marshall's Jewelers since 2013. We've worked on a website redesign (where he has picked up #1 Rankings in Google for his local area), and some specialized Google AdWords campaigns. He just recently left a review on Google about working with us. Richard the owner of Marshall's Jewelers [...]

Customer Review: I would highly recommend Jeff and 4Spot marketing for your website needs.

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We have been working with David and Hartman Jewelers for over 4 years.  Here is a review that David just posted to Google about working with us. 4Spot Marketing worked closely with me to create the website the way I wanted it. Jeff paid attention to what I was asking for and was [...]