Demystifying the complexities of Facebook Ads for funeral homes

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Are you trying to figure out how to incorporate Facebook Ads into your advertising strategy for your funeral home? If that’s the case, then today’s post is perfectly suited for you. In fact, we’ll be discussing all the particulars on how to appropriately utilize the Facebook Ads manager for better Ads. As well as some [...]

Facebook Ads’ Advertising Tools

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As you may already know, Facebook Ads is the platform, system or tool you can use to create all kinds of advertising campaigns inside the biggest social network and Instagram. Ads on either of these platforms can be greatly beneficial to any brand, business, freelancer, etc. who wants to obtain more visibility, for themselves and/or [...]

How to Launch a Facebook Remarketing Campaign

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Remarketing allows us to display an advertisement to Facebook users that have, at some point, visited our website or certain content. Facebook Remarketing is a tool that can multiply the effectivity of our Facebook advertisement, increasing the CTR up to 3 or 4 times more, reducing cost and increasing clicks to our website and even [...]

20 Marketing Statistics that every Marketing Strategy should encompass in 2018

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After a long industrious week, I decided to do a bit of leisure reading and keep tabs on the ever-progressing world of online internet marketing. Being that it is my forte, I came across quite an interesting piece that really divulged into the realm of marketing statistics; setting itself aside from some of the abstract [...]

Internet Radio, the untapped gem and future of advertising

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It’s the 21st Century, and we live in a competitive world where businesses are always trying to outsmart each other to get to the top. So it’s no surprise that enterprises are employing high-tech CRM software such as Infusionsoft to simplify and manage their workflow setup. In fact, it’s safe to say that in the [...]

Matt Cutts Video on the Impact WordPress has on SEO

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Matt Cutts (Google head of webspam) talks at WordCamp 2009 about how WordPress handles 90% of the technical aspect of SEO for you.  There is a great snippet at 3:30 that covers this information. If you are interested in SEO and how WordPress helps with your SEO efforts, this is a great video to watch [...]

[VIDEO]: Google AdWords for Jewelers – Video Interview

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Jewelry Marketing Guy - AdWords for Jewelers Interview Below is an interview and the full transcript of the interview when Jimmy "The Jewelry Marketing Guy" DeGroot interviewed 4Spot Marketing's President, Jeff Arnold, about the use of Google AdWords and remarketing as part of a jewelry store's marketing plan. <strong>Jim:</strong> Hey [...]

Jeweler Website Hits #1 in Google

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Google search rankings for retail jeweler Michele & Company’s website prior to the redesign by 4Spot Marketing. After launching the new Google-friendly website, the client is dominating the search results. Just 9 short days ago we launched the new and improved website for Michele & Company jewelers [...]

Search Ranks in Google Skyrocket When New Jewelry Website Launched!

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Lots of companies can talk about how their websites are optimized for Google search.  We show you the proof! We recently launched a new, Google-optimized website for one of our jewelry clients.  Prior to the launch, they only had 8 phrases that ranked in the top 100 in Google’s search results, and only 4 of [...]