21 10, 2021

How to effectively combine your Facebook and AdWords Audiences-Part 4

2021-10-21T04:06:35-07:00Google AdWords & Remarketing, Social Media Marketing|

(Summing it all up) Welcome to the fourth and final chapter of our 4-blog series on combing the two megaliths of online advertising; Google and Facebook. So what have we learned so far? Well, let’s have a short recap. Ok, so both Google Analytics and Facebook [...]

17 10, 2021

AdWords Smart Bidding: A Smart Decision

2021-10-17T03:06:38-07:00Business Automation, Google AdWords & Remarketing|

Nowadays, thanks to the internet’s inclusion in our everyday lives and the constant increase of digital areas in different companies, the number of advertisers in Google Search continues to rise, and if you work in the field of Insurance, Travel, Education or Retail, you will know [...]

15 10, 2021

How To Effectively combine our AdWords and Facebook Audiences- Part 1

2021-10-15T02:42:58-07:00General Information, Google AdWords & Remarketing|

Starting today, we’re going to do something a little out of the ordinary. We’re going to start a four-blog series on how to utilize two megaliths together when it comes to the world of digital marketing and advertising. From the title. I’m pretty sure you have [...]

12 10, 2021

Bidding for Ads in Google AdWords and Cost Overview

2021-10-12T02:19:12-07:00Google AdWords & Remarketing|

Advertising through Google isn’t only aimed towards big companies with worldwide reach. This sector of online marketing offers the possibility of reaching a wider audience with a limited advertising budget, especially for small and medium-sized companies and freelancers. Google is the leader in search engine advertising [...]

5 10, 2021

Reducing the bounce rate of your Google AdWords Campaigns

2021-10-05T00:18:44-07:00Google AdWords & Remarketing|

Bounce rate can be quite detrimental for your Google AdWords campaign. In simple terms, Bounce rate refers to the people who came across your website, but left almost immediately. The visitors never look at your subsequent pages. Despite that, it’s noticeable that in today’s online marketing [...]

30 09, 2021

AdWords Optimization through Keywords

2021-09-30T23:38:17-07:00General Information, Google AdWords & Remarketing|

AdWords optimization consists of implementing changes in the structural and organizational features, as well as concrete details in your campaigns to improve metrics such as lower CPC (cost per click), increase CTR (Click Through Rate), improve the conversion rate, among others. Keywords in Adtext to improve [...]


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