AdWords Optimization through Keywords

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AdWords optimization consists of implementing changes in the structural and organizational features, as well as concrete details in your campaigns to improve metrics such as lower CPC (cost per click), increase CTR (Click Through Rate), improve the conversion rate, among others. Keywords in Adtext to improve Relevance and Quality Score Google’s objective as a search [...]

Facebook Ads’ Advertising Tools

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As you may already know, Facebook Ads is the platform, system or tool you can use to create all kinds of advertising campaigns inside the biggest social network and Instagram. Ads on either of these platforms can be greatly beneficial to any brand, business, freelancer, etc. who wants to obtain more visibility, for themselves and/or [...]

Is Chrome’s New Ad-Blocker Going to Kill AdWords?

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You may have heard Google recently launched an ad filter for their Chrome browser. However, there’s no reason to fear for your advertising campaign since this won’t have an impact on your ads. Its main objective is invasive advertising, the kind that pops up in your face or when a video starts playing automatically and [...]

Facebook Ads (general – not industry specific)

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Publicity and marketing are always changing and evolving as new technologies and means of communication continue to emerge and become more important in our culture. At first it happened with the radio and television, and more recently: the internet.   At the end of the day, the most important element to make a business grow [...]

Why Data Driven SEO Strategy Matters for your Business


SEO 101 - A Guide for the 'Dummies', the Faint of Heart, those 'Faint from Trying', or Those Stuck Somewhere in Between Let's get real, folks: You can't have business without some marketing, and you can't have marketing without the Internet. That's where the very future — no, the present — of all commerce has [...]

Freelancing: 2 Years, $230,000+ and 9 Big Lessons Later

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If you are riding the freelancer boat or about to take the big plunge into it, this is a must read. The author, who quit his job and became a full time freelancer two years ago, beautifully encapsulates his learnings in 9 lessons, that anyone could and should follow to be a successful freelancer. To [...]

Why Play A Solo, When You Can Play Multisite Symphony?

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Check out this video of WP Engine Technical Product Manager Taylor McCaslin  talking about Multisite and how it can be beneficial to you by putting it to the right use. To read the full article, click on this link:

How We Tune Our Platform

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The WP Engine hosting platform that we offer through partnership, constantly undergoes fine tuning to deliver the  best for you. There has been a recent updation in caching, performance and security. To read the full article, click on this link: