AdWords Smart Bidding: A Smart Decision

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Nowadays, thanks to the internet’s inclusion in our everyday lives and the constant increase of digital areas in different companies, the number of advertisers in Google Search continues to rise, and if you work in the field of Insurance, Travel, Education or Retail, you will know that the game rules are changing. It’s no longer [...]

Email Automation for Small Businesses

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Email marketing still remains at the top of the list for effective marketing channels available for small business today, but it continues to evolve. While newsletters and single one-time campaigns still hold a spot in your marketing strategy, more innovative companies are beginning to implement automatic email campaigns that react to a user’s actions. You [...]

Top Ways Marketing Automation Can Increase Your Sales


Are you familiar with the wonderful benefits of marketing automation? How does a product that will streamline, automate, and monitor redundant marketing tasks sound? You’re probably thinking such a tool would be amazing, but a good automation platform should be about more than making things simpler for the marketing team. One of its uses should [...]