Budgeting for SEO in 2018

Now that the new year is here, marketers and optimizers have started to work on figuring their 2018 budget goals. Search engine optimizations has recently had so many changes to its requirements and strategies, coming up with an exact dollar amount may be quite difficult.

We will take a look back to see how SEO changed in 2017 and try to understand what challenges you may run into during 2018. Hopefully, you will be able to come up with the right spending budget that will cover the goals you have set for the next twelve months.

Reflecting on the Past and Setting Goals for the Future

The first thing you should consider is how well did 2017 treat you. Did you perform well, or was it a total flop? Your previous year’s budget can set the bar for the current year’s budget. If you had decent results, but expect more for the coming year, you should increase your budget by a percentage that is proportional to the gains you are hoping for. If you ended up overspending last year, consider scaling down your budget and hone in on the work that really pays off.

This is the time you should also set some goals for your campaign. If you’re trying to increase traffic by a certain amount, use your historical data or by external sources to get your starting budget. If your goal is to outrank your competitors, your budget will need to be more flexible.


Content Continues to Rule

As far as SEO goes, content remains king, but you are going to have to distribute it somewhat differently than previous years to stay up to date.

Original quality copy is a necessity. Content marketing has been quite successful for some time now. Millions of companies continually publish content on a regular basis as a way to reach their audience. This makes it harder to get noticed. If you want to stand out among the competition, you must be willing to invest major resources to come up with the best content you can. Quality over quantity, it’s beneficial for you to invest more of your budget for fewer content pieces, as long as they are high quality. Don’t be afraid to spend well for content.

Video traffic has grown immensely over the past few years. It has been predicted that within 5 years more than 80 percent of total web traffic will be to view videos. If you are serious about reaching your target audience in a relevant way, you have to be willing to dedicate a portion of your content budget to recording and distributing videos.

Your content must be created with mobile devices in mind. In the past 5 years, mobile traffic has far surpassed desktop traffic by leaps and bounds, and only continues to rise. You can no longer get by catering to desktop users exclusively.


Target Marketing

Target marketing has become a vital addition to building campaigns and should be figured into your budget accordingly.

Voice searches are all the rave. In 2017, we witnessed the popularity of smart speakers expand voice search to unprecedented levels. Voice search is more complex with its screenless display and conversational queries, which requires serious consideration.

Audiences are more demanding than ever before. Consumers are looking for more personalized, individually targeted content. If it doesn’t pertain to them, they aren’t interested-it’s that simple. Your budget should include funds to conduct more in-depth market research of your followers, so you can publish content designed specifically with them in mind.

Local search is on the rise. Consumer searches are getting even more local, which means more profits for businesses who act on it. If you have a business is locally relevant, make sure your SEO reflects that. It also wouldn’t hurt to set back some extra funds to invest into developing your local reviews and other locally-driven strategies.


Link Building

Despite what you may have been hearing, link building will still play an important role in 2018. Even with all the improvements to Google’s algorithm and SEO practitioners introducing new tactics, link building remains necessary for a rewarding SEO campaign. Therefore, it should still garner a significant piece of your marketing budget. Be sure to allot enough funds to afford a few quality links every month, regardless of what your goals are.


Getting the Most Out of Your Budget

Even if you are a small business owner, spending a couple thousand dollars each month is not out of the ordinary. This should afford you a fair amount of quality content, and keep you competitive with most of your fellow business owners.

Remember, SEO success doesn’t depend solely on how big your budget is, but rather, how you invest it. Wasting $1,000 on poorly written content and worthless strategies is pointless, while spending the same amount on one piece of high-quality content, can skyrocket your campaign.

When laying out the plans for your 2018 marketing budget, keep in mind you need to hire professional SEO agencies, or contractors who have the needed expertise to give you the best possible return on your investment.

Get in contact with us and we can give you a free ranking analysis, as well as a free quote on what an effective campaign would cost, and the benefits you can expect.

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