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26 11, 2022

The Benefits of WPEngine Hosting Services – Best WordPress Hosting

2022-11-26T09:50:11-07:00General Information, WordPress|

If you are searching for the best WordPress hosting provider, you don’t need to look any further since WPEngine is the ideal choice that you should take into account. We also aim to amaze their valued clients with their excellent hosting services, transparency and expertise in [...]

15 11, 2022

Freelancing: 2 Years, $230,000+ and 9 Big Lessons Later

2022-11-15T01:58:43-07:00General Information, Internet Marketing|

If you are riding the freelancer boat or about to take the big plunge into it, this is a must read. The author, who quit his job and became a full time freelancer two years ago, beautifully encapsulates his learnings in 9 lessons, that anyone could [...]

5 11, 2022

Facebook Canvas Ads: Why you should incorporate them to your advertising strategy

2022-11-05T03:55:04-07:00General Information, Social Media Marketing|

The beauty of Facebook is that it’s got numerous ad types for one to access in order to achieve their marketing goals. Everything from video ads, carousel ads, image ads….well, I’m just mentioning the usual suspects that most of us have probably utilized before. But have [...]

4 11, 2022

Increasing Facebook Brand Awareness Part 1: Audience Demographics and Persona Targeting

2022-11-04T03:43:04-07:00Social Media Marketing, Tech Tips|

Frequently, when fellow marketers discuss Facebook brand awareness, you might hear them mention the term ‘vanity metrics’ here and there, and how the ideal focus should be on conversions. And hearing this, it might hit you hard that initially your focus was shifted towards the bottom [...]

3 11, 2022

The top 3 mistakes that might be making your web pages super slow!

2022-11-03T03:17:15-07:00General Information, SEO|

There are quite a number of reasons why one needs to improve the quickness of their web pages. One of them is pretty obvious. The more seconds wasted on web page loads, the higher the chances of page abandonment altogether! If your pages take a century [...]

2 11, 2022

Indexing: Why it’s the first vital step for any effective SEO audit

2022-11-02T02:59:38-07:00Search Engine Optimization, SEO Success|

If you happen to be a fan of The Hobbit, then the most pragmatic quote quipped by the literature genius that was J.R.R Tolkein was this; “It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” Powerful stuff. [...]