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10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Infusionsoft

2018-01-04T14:46:45+00:00 Tags: , , |

If you have been in search of a more efficient way to scale your small business, the dynamic, highly-acclaimed Infusionsoft software platform can help. This program can assist with managing and automating those time-consuming, repetitive tasks that take up so much of your time. Many people mistakenly think its main purpose is email marketing. Little [...]

Budgeting for SEO in 2018

2018-01-04T14:53:09+00:00 Tags: , , , |

Now that the new year is here, marketers and optimizers have started to work on figuring their 2018 budget goals. Search engine optimizations has recently had so many changes to its requirements and strategies, coming up with an exact dollar amount may be quite difficult.  We will take a look back to see how SEO [...]

6 Helpful AdWords Tips for a Successful New Year

2018-01-04T14:39:59+00:00 Tags: , , |

With 2018 just a few days away, explore the updates anticipated for the New Year. Adding these tips to your list of business resolutions will help you get a head start on your upcoming marketing strategies. Accomplish more in less time. Smart Bidding has been added to help marketers bid both more efficiently and effectively. [...]

Reasons Making Wordcamp a Must to Attend !

2018-01-04T14:39:36+00:00 Tags: , , |

Wordcamps!! A locally organized and casual conference that focuses on everything related to Wordpress. Wordpress, free and open source personal publishing software which has powered over 75 million websites! Thus, if you are intending, planning to learn the elementary of Wordpress, Wordcamps would be a blessing for you. Depending upon the local communities that host [...]

Email Automation for Small Businesses

2018-01-04T14:39:21+00:00 Tags: , , |

Email marketing still remains at the top of the list for effective marketing channels available for small business today, but it continues to evolve. While newsletters and single one-time campaigns still hold a spot in your marketing strategy, more innovative companies are beginning to implement automatic email campaigns that react to a user’s actions. You [...]

Google AdWords Work for Funeral Homes

2018-01-04T14:47:37+00:00 Tags: , , |

All funeral homes share the same problem when trying to gain new clients. That common denominator is local competition. You are probably wondering if there is anything you can do to solve this. This article contains the perfect solution for all innovative funeral directors who are looking to get an edge above their competitors.   [...]

Vape Shop SEO: Success Story

2017-12-23T15:37:59+00:00 Tags: , , , , |

With Google banning vape-related advertising Google AdWords, organic search rankings have become extremely important.  Here is a quick overview on the SEO success with a vape shop website that we've had. When they started with us, they had a Lightspeed ecommerce platform website.  We started doing vape shop SEO for the site and got an [...]

5 Reasons Why SEO Should Be Important to Your Vape Shop

2017-12-22T10:37:45+00:00 Tags: , , |

These days it is common knowledge how important SEO is to a business’s website, but surprisingly not many vape shop businesses utilize the most basic SEO tactics. Once they finally decide to implement a few SEO tactics, they never understand why they procrastinated for so long. They end up with so many new customers that [...]

Important SEO Strategies for Jewelry Stores


Most online jewelers seem to understand the importance search engine optimization has on web traffic, but it’s amazing how many don’t take the initiative to implement the basic tactics. The few that do, are genuinely happy with the results. Sometimes even having to restructure the way they do business, due to an influx of customers. [...]

SEO Strategy for the Upcoming New Year


The current year has brought a completely new group of advances in the way businesses are marketing their services and products. Marketers have been using SEO much more frequently work on improving their Google rankings. With more than 12 billion internet searches per month, SEO is vital for getting visibility, driving traffic and drawing awareness [...]